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Hold 'Em by Katie Porter
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Jul 06, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: fem-dom, dreamy-men, male-sub, s-m
Read in September, 2012

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It’s time for Leah “Princess” Girardi’s book folks and it’s certainly a wild ride! After months of drinking hard, playing hard and fighting hard, Leah knows it’s time to focus on the job at hand. Now she’s on the wagon, she’s focused on a promotion in the flight squadron and her life is getting back on track. That is until the new recruit put under her care turns out to be Mike, an ex-boyfriend who had gotten under her skin.

Mike had followed Leah’s career and fully expected her to be there on his first day. He didn’t expect the Major to dump him in her care or under her tutelage. The sparks fly from the second they see each other again but a lot has changed for Mike since the last time they met. Mike has since discovered his true sexual desires, specifically the desire to submit to a woman he trusts. Leah is a woman that could be everything that he wants, if only she could be the one thing he needs. All the signals that he sends her way show that she has no experience in the field of BDSM, the only way to find out if she can Dominate him is to simply show her what that is. But when he comes to her wrists out, asking to be cuffed, what will she say?

Once they start their liaison, it seems that Leah has a taste for being in charge in the bedroom. But she is untrained and nervous about her role; can she really imagine this as a lifestyle role forever? Mike is looking for a permanent relationship and isn’t going to short-change himself this time; can he really convince Leah that they are worth a shot? And will he be able to trust his body into her care forever?

This book was a revelation for me. I loved the second one, but this one was far better. It dealt with something that I adore but rarely find done well; Fem-Dom. There are many books that portray the Domme as a ball-busting bitch and the male sub as a nervous man, as submissive in life as he is in the bedroom. This is not one of those books. These two were definitely bedroom BDSM practitioners only; outside Mike was definitely Alpha and Leah was a hot mess.

Leah was a liability in all the previous books. In this one she is trying to not be a hot-mess. When Mike turns up, she sees him as her downfall, a temptation that will undo all her months of hard work. I was over-joyed when he actually starts to cement the fragile foundations she has started to lay. You see, she isn’t allowed to play whilst under the influence which, with a man as hot as Mike, is motive enough to stay sober. She likes the idea of being of control of Mike in the bedroom, seems to be a natural, but she lacks the experience that is required. This book sees Mike effectively training her and I loved that she embraced the sparks between them with enough gusto to try.

Mike was AMAZING. A sub who is Alpha outside of the bedroom? Sign. Me. Up. The fact that he had enough respect for himself to want more than a part-time Dom, enough respect for his own body to call his safe-word when he feels he is danger and enough respect for his safety that he is able to advise his Domme without topping from the bottom? I LOVE THIS MAN. He was a strong man who chose to give up control in this one aspect of his life because he enjoyed it; it was as simple as that. I will warn you that the man has a masochistic streak a mile wide but most of the action takes place "off-page".

The whole gang were present in this book again and I loved seeing them (especially Tin Tin :D) It is a nice addition to a series and I can’t wait to see if the other men get a book too! I love the feel of this series, the complete abandonment of inhibitions as shown by the characters. It is one that I will continue to read and reread; I whole heartedly recommend this book and the one before it.

This is a scorching hot book with very sweet undertones. With a Domme in training who wants to get her life back on track and a submissive man who is unwilling to short-change himself, this is a story that amused me, upset me, infuriated me and turned me on. Can I have a Mike? I’d be willing to hone my caning skills :D

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