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The Operators by Michael Hastings
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Jul 10, 12

really liked it
Read from July 08 to 10, 2012

I want to start my review with my own opinion of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. The war in Iraq, I believe was motivated at best by the belief by a few that the US could democratize the Middle East and bring about world peace. The Iraq war in my view was sold by a US president on faulty facts which the President and CIA knew were cherry-picked and knew were false. The American public was lied to and to this day the story of the Iraq war has been spun as successful by a Pentagon that knows better. The military has become a political power in its own right. I believe that Obama could not have been elected on an anti-war platform without advocating action in Afghanistan. Both wars have been a terrible waste of the blood of our soldiers and our Treasury.

This book depicts our military leaders in a way that is disturbing. If this stuff is true all of our top generals need to be thoroughly investigated for their roles in human rights abuses. It is disgraceful for the US to be involved in torture and flagrant abuse of people in these countries. It is no wonder, the Iraqi's and Afghans hate us. I am continually puzzled how in an armed conflict, we can tell who the bad guy's are. In my view the truth about these conflicts need to be told. We need more news correspondents who are willing to tell what they see, even if it hurts their careers.

This is a must read for anyone that is interested in a critical view of these wars. As a nation we need to encourage honest assessments of our national policies and interests. I think this book is a look at some truths that need telling. Our need to feel good should be subordinated to our need to know the truth.


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