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Chakra Foods for Optimum Health by Deanna M. Minich
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Jul 05, 2012

did not like it
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Read from July 05 to 19, 2012

This book started off so well. It opened with comments about how there is no one diet that will suit everyone due to biochemical individuality and the importance of understanding that a calorie of protein, fat or carbs each has a different effect on the body metabolically. Good stuff to start with and I thought I was in for a good read.

But then, things got bizarre and I felt a huge urge to back away from it slowly without making eye contact.

Wowsers. It is nuttier than a nutbar in parts.

There are lots of examples I could give but these were some of the most disturbing. This book says that grief and anger can lodge in the heart chakra and cause heart disease, that the rise in gluten problems lately is due to the way our thinking has changed due to world events (and if the world political scene changed, gluten problems would disappear, by implication) and that those who have food allergies do so because they are not 'grounded' enough. Once you're grounded enough, allergies go away. This is why kids grow out of childhood allergies. They become more grounded as they grow older.

(Nothing to do with the fact that many of us are low in nutrients which protect the heart, that gluten is not a health food for anyone, and that human beings are not at all adapted genetically to eating large amounts of it and that the huge rise in allergies is due to many well-explained dietary and environmental and other factors and has real biochemical causes which can be dealt with and that must be dealt with, for the symptoms and allergies to subside. Course not. It is just faulty modern thinking! Simple.)

Must be nice to live in a world where you think you are healthy because you are mentally 'evolved' more than other people and so safe from becoming ill, and where you can look down on ill people with superiority, knowing that if they were stronger (or more like you) mentally they could get well. So you don't need to spend any time worrying about them or the actual reasons illness rates are growing enormously and the need for real action in this area.

Never let facts get in way of a nice fanciful story that makes you feel like you're better than everyone else, and not have to try and do anything difficult, or go out of your way to understand or help others, I guess!

Harmless in a way and probably can make some people feel really good. I guess the issue is when these people interact with ill people, or when ill people are given these messages and reject fixing the actual physical causes of their symptoms (or even the search to find these causes), in favour of working on their chakras as a sole healing method. When it doesn't work, they end up being told they are to blame for the lack of improvement and also still have the awful allergies etc. to live with. Not so harmless or nice.

Bah! This sort of nonsense is so fanciful and silly that I hope it'll be easily apparent to almost all readers that this is not stuff to take seriously.

Forget this book and get either 'The Yoga of Eating' or 'Primal Body, Primal Mind' instead. They are of such a higher quality in every way. Together they tell you so much about which foods our bodies evolved to eat and why and how to listen to your body and work out what foods are best for you as an individual.
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