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The Divide by L.J. Smith
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Jul 05, 12

Anyone who LOVED the original trilogy by L.J. Smith (and I mean loved it as in read all of the books a million times) will HATE THIS BOOK!!!

Just as a note: This book was NOT written by L.J. Smith. I really think that Goodreads should FIX this. It was written by another author using L.J.'s characters. This book is really what the television series was based off of, which is why the series was no where near as good as the original books.

Why am I being so harsh? First of all the book starts out with Cassie and Adam contemplating blowing off a circle meeting for a make-out session. Second, Cassie acts like the OLD Cassie: Afraid of Faye. The author also made Cassie almost jealous and uneasy around Diana, which is very inaccurate and totally does not mesh with the ending of the original trilogy. The entire book had a lot of strange things like that going on.

The biggest issue I had was the addition of a half-sibling for Cassie claiming that she was the one Black John had intended to join the circle, not Cassie. Ummm what?! Black John told Cassie himself that she was the one he wanted in the circle. That's why he killed Chris and Doug's little sister. If he had not wanted Cassie in the circle, he would have killed her as well. It was just all a little too far-fetched and WAY off course. The entire book came off angsty and as if Cassie did not feel like she belonged in the circle. Cassie got over THAT misconception in book 1! L.J. would never have made so many mistakes, much less put out such a poorly written piece.
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Rachel Baros I couldn't have said it any better! This book has been such a let down, I don't know if I can even read the other two!!!

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