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Defying the Odds by Kele Moon
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It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book where the characters seems to genuine. As my first book my Kele Moon, I’m not sure what I expected, but I sure as hell did not expect to love this book as much as I do. There’s just something so compelling about her voice and writing style that I can’t help but notice and rave about. Then there’s the fantastic hero, Clay and his heroine, Melody who were simply perfect in all regards.

It really all starts with a kind gesture and some pie. When Melody sees Clay sitting at the diner she works at, she brings him a plate of pumpkin pie just to cheer him up. Clay isn’t used to such a kind, selfless gesture so he politely declines. But Melody insists and with a bright smile and some surprise, Clay accepts it. What he doesn’t know is that in that moment, he also accepts Melody into his life.

As a UFC fighter, he’s right in the middle of the glory. But the thing is, Clay Powers isn’t big-headed or full of himself. None of that macho bullshit goes on with Clay. In fact, he’s so grounded and sweet that I simply fell in love with him within a couple of pages.

Melody is just as sweet, if not more. Readers learn of her dark past and that’s part of the reason why their relationship shouldn’t really work. But it does. It so does...because the chemistry is off the charts and Melody needs something good in her life.

DEFYING THE ODDS made me grin from ear-to-ear, broke my heart and made me fall in love, all in the span of 193 pages. I devoured this book and scoured Kele Moon’s backlist, wanting to read everything she’s ever done. Kele Moon really packs a punch with the Battered Hearts series! I think I’m in love!
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Karen ~ Divhine Great book!!

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LOL Karen! I was just about to email you and tell you how much I loved this book!!! It's so good!

Karen ~ Divhine I thought so too. It was a great story and I really liked both of the characters. Especially Clay.

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) I really loved the characters. They seemed so genuine

Karen ~ Divhine I thought so too. I hope the next book in the series is as good.

message 7: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah You're killing my book budget this month Annie! This one will have to wait on my wish list for a bit but it sounds fab. Awesome review

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Lmao! Oops sorry Sarah! You're gonna love this one too! I promise!

message 9: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah You've not steered me wrong yet so I trust you! I'm not allowed to buy this until I've finished the Lucky Harbor series & read Obsidian though!

* I must not buy more books *
* I must not buy more books *
* I must not buy more books *

If I tell myself that often enough do you think it will eventually sink in? Lol

Karen ~ Divhine I can tell myself "I must not buy more books" over and over, but - doesn't work!!! I buy more and more. LOL

message 11: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah Snap Karen! That's why my to read pile currently stands at over 900 books *sigh* lol

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Bwahaha Sarah! If that works for you, then maybe I need to try it. So far nothing works! It's a sickness lol

I tend to buy more books when I say I'm on a book buying ban!

Karen ~ Divhine Me too - I seem to forget my good intentions, before a week passes. LOL

 ~V~ Great review Annie!! I've been wanting to read this for a while, i'm really looking forward to it now! :)

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LOL omg Karen :P

Thanks so much V! Hope you enjoy!

message 16: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah Unfortunately it doesn't work for me either but I keep hoping that if I say it enough one day it might sink in. I have a feeling it won't happen any time soon though!

Karen ~ Divhine I like books too much to stop buying for any length of time. lol

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Lol yes! What Karen said!

message 19: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah I'll third that :o) It's even worse now I have a kindle because I don't even have lack of shelf space to restrain me any more LOL

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Omg yes! I have my iPad with kindle on it plus my ereader! This is trouble!!!

message 21: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah I discovered the kindle app on my iphone the other day which was fantastic. I ran out of reading material on the train and it let me have access to all my netgalley books from my phone! You've got to love technology :o)

Karen ~ Divhine Make that three!!! Now in addition to my very large TBR stack in paperback, I have e-books. They are so much easier to hide than the paperbacks. LOL LOL

I am behind the times, no Iphone, but I have an Ipod and if I connect to wifi I can download books to it. I don't buy any more from Apple though, Apple is really expensive.

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Yes because we have to hide the ones with the too sexy covers : P

I just got mine recently so I'm only catching up now!

Karen ~ Divhine I know, no one knows what you are reading. lol

My daughter likes the Harlequin type books. For her birthday, I gave her a Nook so she can read at work and no one knows what she is reading. We get the books from Harlequin before they are in the stores and they are cheaper too. The only hitch is that I have to download them into Adobe Digital, then convert to Epub so we can sideload to her Nook. I have gotten pretty good at it though. :)

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Yeah, you're a master at that!

Karen ~ Divhine LOL - You think so? I don't know, sometimes it takes me forever to figure something out. None of this techi stuff comes with instructions. LOL

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Yes, you're way better than I am! I go to you when I need help lol

Karen ~ Divhine Any time!!

Karen ~ Divhine Most Welcome! :)

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