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Look Again by Lisa Scottoline
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Jul 05, 2012

Read in March, 2012

** spoiler alert ** The other day I was trolling the web looking for books that were listed as bestsellers or really well written but virtually unknown. I saw this book on two lists of 'best books from 2000-2009, so I thought, what the heck? I got cozy in my little nest and started to read.

This book felt like a Lifetime movie of the week. Ellen is fickle - she's in love with her boss, but she lies to him. She realizes that her son is actually the boy on the milk carton (so to speak) but instead of giving him back she hatches an elaborate scheme to...well, I'm not sure what her ultimate goal might have been. She lies, steals, and manipulates people to further her weird mission, putting her life and that of two other people in serious danger. This thriller isn't really thrilling, although I did read faster on the pages when I knew she was setting me up for something. She did not deliver on the heart stopping action, though, and the one big revelation? She spelled that one out quite clearly (for the reader, at least) early in the book. The big question that she faces is a legal no brainer, too. If you adopt someones child without their permission, you have to give him back. End of story.

The ending was a bit of a letdown, to be honest. I thought it should have ended after she wrote the article that she had ostensibly been working on since the beginning of the book. At that point, we didn't know her ultimate fate nor did we know that of her son. We'd have been frustrated and ready to toss the book, never to hear from them again. It would have elicited real emotion.

This could have been a heart breaking short story: Woman sees her child on a missing children's list. Woman holds child and cries. Woman explains that child is special and has two sets of parents who love him to bits. Woman calls FBI, collects reward, turns over child, and crosses fingers that she'll get visitation. Child cries as he's taken away, his little boy mind seeing a mean mommy and some weird strangers who live near Mickey. A few years later they have a reunion and child forgives the mean mommy. The End.

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