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Carrie by Stephen King
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Jul 02, 2015

really liked it
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Read in August, 2012

Update 10.10.2013 Saw the film several months ago, and it was awesome. Spacek was great as Carrie, and knowing what would happen at the end didn't bother one bit.
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The story is short, but effective. After the humiliating shower scene (what a bunch of moronic apes...), the events start rolling along like a tornado. The blood bath of the prom night is referred to every once in a while, so mentioning it wouldn't really be a spoiler. The novel is actually quite melancholic despite the horrific events at the end. King's touch is delicate when he recounts the snapping of Carrie, and the cruelties that teenagers can do to each other.

Even though the story is told through multiple perspectives, and some of them in the form of diaries, letters and investigation reports, they don't interrupt the flow of the story but complement it nicely. You can also conclude, that afterwards most don't remember Carrie's sufferings. She's only remembered as some kind of faceless monster, who needs to repent her sins (kind of like what her nutcase mother told her). An idiotic practical joke destroyed Carrie's efforts to reach a connection with other human beings. And because Carrie as a result took the wrong turn at a crossroads, the innocent suffered on the side.

A lot of people may know Carrie's story already, some through de Palma's movie which I shockingly enough have not seen yet. There was a chance to see it at the local film club's screening a while ago, but I wasn't able to make it. Maybe that was for the better, though, because I was only now able to read the book, and the film may have ruined this for me.
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