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Swipe by Evan Angler
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Jul 24, 12

Read from July 15 to 21, 2012

On the outside Logan Paul Langley is like any other child, but on the inside it's a completely different story. Logan IS afraid of the dark, but wouldn't you be if you felt like you were being watched 24 hours a day by something or someone. He is worried about taking The Pledge and getting marked, which is what killed his sister. But being able to go to the shops, or even get a job rely on you getting marked. Without it you are a social pariah.
Erin Arbitor moves with her Father's new job and is placed into the same school as Logan. Erin soon finds out what her Father's real job is, and together with Logan they plan to solve her Father's mystery so she can go back home, and for Logan so he can find out who or what is following him and why. With the help of DOME equipment, they are able to keep tabs on a group of Markless that has been responsible for some disappearances of local children.

Swipe is told in multiple points of view, Logan, Erin and The Markless. We get to follow Logan and Erin as they start off alone then slowly learn they need each other to achieve what they want. Pretty soon its not all flowers and sunshine and they both have to make tough decisions about what they plan to do next.

When I first began reading Swipe I liked what I was reading and enjoyed learning new things with this duo. I loved the world that Evan has created and how Erin's home town was way ahead of Logan's one and I liked the comparisons they made. The whole idea of building up was great, and is quite easy to imagine that happening in the future. The DOME equipment they used to help spy was creative and sneaky, I loved the chalk,, something so innocent yet useful in the right hands. As Swipe concludes we are given a few answers and a secret is revealed, this secret alone is what makes me want to pick up sneak and read it.

As the story progressed though, I found myself getting distracted, and what would normally have taken me at most 2 days to read ended up taking me a week to read. While I love the idea behind the story it just didn't grab me enough. Obviously it has enough to keep me interested and want to finish the book and jump straight into the next instalment, but not a 'I can't put this down till I finish' book.

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