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Seduced by Blood by Laurie London
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Aug 05, 12

Read in July, 2012

As an experienced tracker and teacher, Roxanne Reynolds is on loan to the Northwest region when her friend and fellow tracker, Lily goes on vacation with her new fiancé. She thought it would be a quick and easy assignment. Just helping out her friend.

When several Darkblood operations start going bad and his agents are getting hurt, Tristan Santiago fears that he has a traitor in his organization feeding information to the Darkbloods. He will do anything to uncover the traitor and save his agents, including pretending to be lovers with Roxy Reynolds so that he can bring her to the Regional Conference. Roxy has an ability to know if someone is lying and her laid back personality makes people want to talk to her.

Although her laid back attitude makes her the polar opposite of the overbearing and overstressed Santiago, the attraction between the two can’t be ignored and soon there is no longer any need to pretend to be lovers. But when the mission is over, will Santiago be able to convince Roxy to stay with him, or will her heart forever be lost to her dead fiancé?

This series just keeps getting better and better. I enjoyed the first few books, getting into the intricacies of this series, and meeting all of the main characters, but I truly enjoyed the dynamics of Tristan Santiago, the Region Chief of the Northwest, a man used to having his every decision obeyed, and Roxanne Reynolds, experienced tracker and teacher, on loan from the Florida office, who didn’t feel the obligated to follow every order from Santiago. He didn’t know how to handle it or her for that matter, and of course, the off-the-chart attraction between the two was incredible.

These stories so far involved a vampire/guardian and a human who had to be introduced to the fact that vampires did in fact exist, etc., etc. In this story, both Santiago and Roxy were vampires so we could jump right into things with no setting up the background and then working past the fact my new boyfriend was a vampire drama.

The Darkblood leader is cold-hearted and very cunning and the only reason she has not done more damage in the Seattle area is the fact that thankfully her henchmen are idiots. She makes a great Black Queen to Santiago’s White King.

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