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Love Unscripted by Tina Reber
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Jul 09, 2012

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Love Unscripted started great. I love stories about commoners dating Hollywood stars. It's like a modern version of Cinderella. However, Tina Reber messed it up by writing a freaking 600 plus pages book. Lady, there isn't much to tell about that kind of romance.
My problems with the book so far:

1. Everything that happened to Ryan seemed to be completely exaggerated. It was like Tina grabbed every negative thing that can happen to movie stars, increased it by ten fold, and had it happen to Ryan.

2. Taryn was too fucking perfect. The girl was a savvy businesswoman, she was musically talented, she could also make stained glass art, and she was also an interior designer on the side. Oh, and lets not forget about her magical touch with children and parents. I swear that I wouldn't be surprised if little animals started to follow her around while she sang. Was Tina trying to say the only way a movie star could fall for a regular person was if she was fairy tale princess?

3. Ryan moving in with Taryn. I get that he didn't want to stay at the hotel, but couldn't he rent a more secluded house like his friend Cal did instead inflicting that kind of harassment to Taryn and thus affecting her business? What did he think was going to happen once his whereabouts were known? Talk about unrealistic.

4. Taryn not using protection with Ryan. When it happened the first time I was, what the fuck? What kind of messed message Tina was trying to send there? And then Taryn think it's a freaking good sign that Ryan didn't use protection with her because it meant he didn't care if she got pregnant. Hello! What about STD?

5. Taryn giving the time of the day to Kyle. She said he gave her bad vibes and she still allows him to go to her pub? Her excuse that she runs a public place is completely bogus. She could have kicked him out anytime.

6. Taryn's pregnancy. I'm sick and tired of seeing woman getting pregnant in books because they took antibiotics and they didn't know it would counter effect the pill. Who the hell doesn't know that? Give me a break.

7. Taryn's insecurities and trust issues. Honestly, there isn't a guy in the world who would put up with that crap. It was exhausting. Okay, Ryan was also jealous but at least he didn't keep beating around the bush like she did.

The unbelievable drama at the end was the cherry on the cake but weird enough, I didn't mind that. Love Unscripted could have been way better if Tina hadn't stretched the story so long. However, I'm still giving it 3 stars and will probably read the following book.
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