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Apollyon by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Nov 23, 2012

it was amazing
Read from November 15 to 23, 2012

HOLY DAIMON BABIES. Jennifer has done it again!

Apollyon is even better than the previous in the series, and will leave you wishing you already had the next one on your e-reader waiting for you. I kid you not, I jerked back and clicked back and forth hoping I was wrong and hadn't reached the end yet. I for real pouted for a good ten minutes. But, Jennifer has a way of writing endings that make you crave her next book without hating her for leaving it the way she did, and I LOVE her for that!

In Apollyon we get to see SO many changes in the group of Alex's friends that we love. And a great change in Alex. There's a lot of growth and maturity in the group, and my favorite is watching Aiden really begin to open up and step up. Oh Aiden...I do love me some Aiden.... *sigh*

unfortunately, with how things ended in #3 and #3.5, I can't say too much about the changes in the group without giving certain things away. But trust me, this is a MUST. READ.

Apollyon will blow you away, have you gasping, your heart clenching...and racing (sheww, you will definitely need to fan yourself a few times) and overall have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens on the next page.

Honest to God, it was amazing and I can't wait to see what happens next!

I was given an ARC to read and give my honest review.
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Jessica Your reading this one??! You cant see me but I'm shaking my fists at you, I'm so jealous!! :-(

Molly McAdams I'm sorry!!!! I feel very honored to be reading it for her though!!

Christina omg!! I am reading Deity right now, I have become quite obsessed with this series its so awesome!

Stacey I am a little jealous too. Okay, I am a lot jealous -it's okay if you list spoilers in your review. :)

Molly McAdams HAHAHA!!!! Cracked me up Stacey, and Christina, I know! I love all of her work!

L.B. WHAT!??!?! You are reading this!?!?!? I am totally coming to Austin, like now...

Molly McAdams hahahaha!

L.B. Evil. Pure Evil. <3

Molly McAdams Sorry doll! :)

message 10: by L.B. (new) - rated it 5 stars

L.B. That series is so good. I was up all night reading Deity. Couldn't. Go. To. Bed.

Molly McAdams SAME HERE!!!!! I was up til 430 because as soon as I finished it I HAD to read Elixir!

message 12: by L.B. (new) - rated it 5 stars

L.B. Worth it though!!!! Have fun Molly McCheater! Love ya!!!

Molly McAdams ;) LOL

message 14: by Brenna (new) - added it

Brenna OMG! SO JEALOUS!! You lucky duck!!! :)

Rhodolitejail Omg... M soo jelly right now... Nice review...

message 16: by Sam (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sam U SO SUCK!!! LOL. Ugh i just recently finished the third book. And i all but screamed!! Im going out of my mind here. I MUST get my hands on the next one! Im sooo jealous!!!!!! XP

Steph And Dani {A Walk on Words} You got an ARC ALREADY!? ARGH WHY. I NEED APOLLYON AFTER DEITY I JUST WANTED TO KICK SOMETHING. need apollyon nowwwwww....nice review btw :)

Angelyn WHAAATTTT!?!! I need to punch something .____.
This is so not fair!!! I'm super jealous right now!!
I was like frozen for at least 5 seconds after reading deity!!

Molly McAdams Have y'all read Elixir??? It's 3.5 it's available online (check the front of Deity to find it)

message 20: by Terpsy (new) - added it

Terpsy Lucky Lucky you! I am so jealous too! I just finished Elixir 3.5

Steph And Dani {A Walk on Words} Yeah I finished Elixir, it was really good. MY AIDEN <3
Still, I NEED APOLLYON. 5 month wait if no ARC how will i survive <.<

Maira i cant wait for it
elixer was awesome,

Stephanie OMG I sooo have hope for Seth its all just one big compulsion elixir type thing going on I swear there better be some great big heart stopping pulse pounding turn where my badass blonde apollyon comes back from the dark side or I will break my kindle!

Maira Stephanie wrote: "OMG I sooo have hope for Seth its all just one big compulsion elixir type thing going on I swear there better be some great big heart stopping pulse pounding turn where my badass blonde apollyon co..."

no please don't break your kindle it deserve better. ;) and all i hope is that the book SHOULD blow my mind out. :) thats all.

Stephanie This otter box has proved usefully between coffee all over it and not so gently tossing it on the end table but I have got to say opal still has me reeling since 4am this morning

Szeyuan Leong GAHH you're so lucky !! >.<

Sammyd please can i have a copy now to read please :(

Eliane Dias Ahhhh...can't wait I'm bout to die here, I hope Alex gives Seth a chance, she didn't even once stop to get to know more bout him n I hope here she does...

Stacey So Molly - it's Christmas time - how about a spoiler?

message 30: by Mari (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mari Gosh! I'm so jealous LOL
I fell in love with Aiden so bad after reading Elixir and I cannot wait to read this one! You're such a lucky, lucky girl!

Laura I feel myself starting to go slowly crazy waiting for the release of this book. I wish it were out already.

message 32: by Brie (new) - rated it 5 stars

Brie I've read Apollyon and your review was beautiful! Just the way I like them. lol.

Becca Laya im gonna cry.... i need to read this book!

Melanie Anyone feel like sharing an ARC... I am dying to know what happens, April feels sooo far away!

Steph And Dani {A Walk on Words} Melanie wrote: "Anyone feel like sharing an ARC... I am dying to know what happens, April feels sooo far away!"

LOLOL Yeah I feel the same way! Having an ARC of this would be like a dream for me...

Sammyd me too I flicked back a bit actually thinking nononononononono this cant be happening but alas it was the end :(

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