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Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton
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Jul 04, 2012

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I buy Jaci Burton’s books on the lickable covers alone. It’s a bonus when her stories are good. :)

Taking a Shot is the third book in her Play-by-Play series, which revolves around the Riley family and their uber-jock family and friends.

I totally related to Jenna in her desire not to date a jock. I never was much of a sports fan (that has changed a bit with age), and it was one of my criteria when looking for potential boyfriends also. And like her, I ended up breaking this rule when I found the Mr. Right. However, I was disappointed in Jenna as a character. I thought she would be this tough chick who could challenge Ty. Instead, I found her to be a bit of a weenie. These two sides of her character did not balance well. One small rejection in her youth completely holds her back from pursuing her dreams? Oh, come on. Maybe I’m callous because I’m a writer, and we have to wade in rejection daily, but this did not seem like an adequate stumbling block for the character to have to overcome. I know the author could have come up with something deeper and more troubling.

I had the same issue with the character of Tyler, even though I did like him better. We are led to think there is some sort of really deep issue in his family history, but it just turned out that his mother is slightly bitter over her divorce and his dad has a really bad sense of humor. I mean who isn’t embarrassed by their parents a little? Aside from the boring backstory, Tyler was more likable.

I found the plot entertaining enough, and the character chemistry was strong. While I think this is the weakest book in the series so far, I still think Jaci Burton is a great writer. I will definitely be first in line for the next book Playing to Win which comes out in September.

Overall, I give Taking a Shot...

Plot - 3 1/2 bookmarks
Character development - 2 1/2 bookmarks
Love story - 4 bookmarks (The chemistry was good.)
Dream cast (otherwise known as who I pictured while reading) - Chris Hemsworth (Tyler), Ashley Greene (Jenna)

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