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Jul 23, 2012

really liked it
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Read on July 06, 2012

I have tried countless times to start my review for Easy, but I just don't know what to say. I really, really enjoyed this book, but my mind is blank. Seriously, blank. As in: I do not have one thing on my mind that I would like to write down. I have started wondering if that actually means I did not love the book as much as I think - shouldn't I be full of gushing thoughts waiting to spill out, eager to share my excitement over having met this book with the world? So I decided to just start writing and wait for the words to come - so I am warning you, there might be a lot of rambling.

Maybe my problems to articulate myself stem from the fact that for me, this book was just the right story at the right time - but that's just for me, not universal. I could really relate to Jacqueline as I am in a situation similar to hers at the moment. Minus the stalker, minus the university I don't even want to attend and okay, minus the hot guy interested in me, but also rearranging my life after the end of a longterm relationship. So, in a way, Jacqueline's story had an almost empowering effect on me.

At its core, this book is a romance, so yes, if you are not into romance, you should probably stay away. It also features a somewhat brooding, dark, damaged and a little mysterious kind of guy, so yes, if you can't stand that at all, you should probably stay away, too. But still, this book is about more than just romance as well. It is about finding back to yourself after being part of an "us" for a long time, having unlearnt just being an "I". It is also about healing after a traumatic experience, and learning to stand up for yourself even under adverse circumstances. It celebrates friendship between girls, and the power that comes from knowing your girlfriends have your back.

It is an engrossing, unputdownable almost (I had a rather mean headache after plowing through in one afternoon) and definitely very sexy and mature read. It falls in the so called "new adult" category that has really taken off recently, and by featuring college-aged characters, is kind of in between the teen and adult section.

This book touches on many issues, but never felt over-crowded with them, as if trying to address too many things at once. Its characters don't always make the best decisions, but their choices never made me resent them. It just made them seem human. Just one thing struck me as odd: Jacqueline plays the upright bass, and music plays a very important part in her life. She had the chance to apply for a music conservatory, after all. Yet, in this story, music always takes a subordinate role. Yes, it is mentioned, but I never felt as if it really shaped her as a character. I love music related books, so that was a bit disappointing for me.

In the end, this certainly is not a perfect book. But it was (almost) perfect for me. Notice me putting the almost in brackets? I just can't bring myself to label something perfect anymore. It's been ages since I've given five stars to a book - have I become too high maintenance?

My theme song: Hurts - Blood, Tears and Gold.
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Miss Bookiverse Usually I stay away from self published books but your review just made me really curious.

~Tina~ I didn't know how to review this one either. It was just a great great read!:) Awesome review!

♥Rachel♥ I loved this one too, Janina! It was unputdownable! I loved that even though Jacqueline suffered heartbreak, she got back up and got on with her life. Sorry you're suffering a somewhat similar situation. Excellent review. :)

Janina Infinite, I have not read many self-published books myself, but this one and also Angelfall by Susan Ee were really good. Honestly, I did not notice they were self-published at all ...

Thanks Rachel and Tina! I am really happy my GR friends (among them you, I believe) brought this book to my attention.

Judy Great review. Some books just can't be analyzed and broken down into why theme A works with theme B and insert said type of character. Sometimes a story comes to us right when we need it :) You sold me on this one! Can't wait to read it now.

Miss Bookiverse Most of the ones I tried turned out to be quite bad :/ but Angelfall is also on my to-read list, so many readers love it.

Janina Lol, I might just have erased the bad ones from my memory :).

Judy I bought it! So excited to start reading.

Janina And you've read it already, wow! (I feel a bit lost with notifications still not working properly, sorry) I am really glad you enjoyed it!

message 10: by Judy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Judy Heh I started it and I couldn't stop reading so I just finished it. If it wasn't for your review though I would have never bought it. It just didn't sound like the type of book I would like, but I'm glad I read it.

message 11: by Judy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Judy Reread your review again after putting mine together, and I agree with the music part. That was what I found odd that she was talented enough to pursue music as a career, yet somehow in her interactions with Lucas, that was never something that she shared with him?

Janina Yes, and it also felt as if it didn't really shape her as a person, right? I always thought that if you are planning to attend a music conservatory (which I understood she was at least at some point of her life, even if she decided not to follow that plan), music had to make out a really really big part of your life not only due to practicing, but also just ... in your thoughts?

message 13: by Judy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Judy It felt like the author needed to decide on a major for Jackie and then was like "music is cool, right?" And then threw it in there without appreciating how dedicated to music you have to be in order to do it full time. Many of the music students I know live and breathe music. I mean, if you changed out "music" for "chemistry" and "practice" for "lab work", I wouldn't have blinked an eye.

I am looking for a good music focused YA story right now though, so it might be why it's standing out to me.

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