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Mistwood by Leah Cypess
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The first third of the book was pretty decent. Not amazing, but not bad either. The shifter was interesting, and I liked the conflict about whether she should actually be loyal to the new king considering what happened to the previous one she served. This was alright for the most part and the Prince was likeable enough. The problem was, for all the secrets flying about, there was no real sense of urgency in the book. I never felt like anyone was in danger and the only death that happened didn't seem to have any effect on anyone or cause any real genuine concern. For all the danger and assassination plots there were supposed to be, it felt very lackluster.

The ending is where the book really fell on it's face. The ending was too neat and certain important aspects came out of nowhere just to tidy things up and provide the happy ending. The ending would have been stronger if it had remained being about who Isabel really wanted to protect and serve and remembering that she really did have a choice. (view spoiler)

Overall the book isn't bad, but it's not amazing.

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