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Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Jul 03, 2012

really liked it
Read in July, 2012

I love Dawson way more than I love Daemon <3 (and I love Daemon A LOT)

And I love Bethany more than I love Kat (and I love Katy very much indeed)

So I really don't love how things ended in this book ='( (view spoiler)

I wish this book was a bit longer and have a little more (solely because I really crave for more here =D)

Dawson.. is clearly this golden boy and though he is the spitting image of his twin brother.. he's nothing like him (although he can have a real mean streak when he wants to).. he's more human than all of them combined.. and you can see that he wants so much to be really human..

Beth.. She's just so sweet and lovable.. easy to see why Dawson can't but fall hard for her.. I love her most because *in my opinion* she seems to be the most drama-free MC I've encountered in so many books (despite the fact that she has A LOT in her plate to dramatize about).

I liked the scene when she fired questions at him about his likes *and found out it's exactly like hers) because honestly.. I do that =D and find it very exciting when ppl match with me.

There HAS to be some separate story for Andrew.. because I'd like really for him to get what's undoubtly coming for him.. I totally challenge the author to make me love him.. cause honestly.. I can't see how's that possible.. the guy is a big red-bottomed monkey.. All a$$.. no class <_<

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