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Mar 17, 14

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Read in February, 2013

** spoiler alert ** I liked this book. There were some parts that made me laugh hysterically. Like practical Sydney having to smuggle a dragon into her Amberwood dorm, or Adrian going undercover as Jet Steele again. That being said, this installment was a lot more lighthearted than I expected. With Marcus being introduced, and Sydney having to come to the realization she’s been lied to her entire life, I thought we’d get some gut-wrenching, angsty, growing pains. And we did to an extent, but not as many as I would’ve expected. This book was just so obviously focused on the romance, the Alchemists (and ex-Alchemists) and the witches took back seats.

I really like Sydney/Adrian. Richelle has written them beautifully. I was so happy to see them grow, and not separately, but together. I love the honesty to their relationship. It’s a simple, mutual trust at the heart of what may be Richelle’s most forbidden couple yet. Adrian has grown from an irreverent party boy into a strong, dedicated, loyal hero. It’s so wonderful to finally see him experience what love (the real kind) feels like when it’s returned. I am happy that Sydney’s finally realized her feelings and such, but I think some of the decisions she made toward the end were reckless ones, and not very smart (which she herself actually admitted). Honestly, I could write out some complaints about how rushed and odd the ending felt to me, but I'm trying to stick with positive stuff here.

So let’s talk about “Miss I’m a Quick Study”.

Sydney can’t just expect to be able to conquer the Alchemists on her own, balance a relationship with a vampire, watch out for Jill, join a coven, and stop crazy evil witches. And now her little sister will be there, watching her every move. Sydney is heading down a very dangerous path, that I’m very concerned is going to end in heartbreak soon.

The speed with which Sydney changed kind of shocked me. I was expecting her to fight everything a little more. But as I read back through Sydney’s quick bursts of change, I kind of got the feeling she’s breaking out, which isn’t unbelievable. She’s been used most of her life, and she’s been forced to put everyone’s wants and needs over her own. She finally got sick of it. Who wouldn’t? She’s gotten a little taste of defying authority, and now she wants more. I’m just not so sure she’s doing it in a responsible way. I found myself missing responsible Sydney toward the end, as it gets harder to root for her when she's making out with her boyfriend in public and jeopardizing her safety.

Her anger toward the Alchemists when she discovered some of their nefarious schemes made me feel sympathetic toward her. However, when she went off on Stanton like she did, I flinched. When she allowed Marcus to “break her tattoo”, I felt like some sort of… rebellious side come out of her. And this rebellious side isn’t the good kind. It feels like the reckless kind. It’s been buried for a while, and now I kind of get the feeling she’s a walking time-bomb. I actually kind of got the feeling Marcus could tell this, and that might’ve been part of the reason he wanted her to go with them so badly.

I noticed a lot of parallels between the two of them. I found it ironic that Sydney finds him a bit convinced he’s always right, when in the end, she’s become that way too on certain matters. They’re both so smart and determined to be independent, I felt like neither of them was very willing to see the other’s side. She and Marcus represent two different extremes when it comes to dealing with the Alchemists. Sydney wants to charge forward with her new-found confidence, and Marcus wants to take a more cautious approach. Sydney sees Marcus as a big talker, who’s holding back, because he’s afraid to take the plunge, and Marcus sees Sydney as a young girl who’s about to wreck her entire life without his holy guidance. Both characters had their flaws, and honestly, I don’t think either of them will be successful in taking down the Alchemists without the other’s cooperation. Something tells me s*** will hit the fan before either of them accepts this though.

And now, we will talk about the s*** about to hit the fan.

I hope Sydney doesn’t get sent to re-education, but I don’t see how she’s not going to. It was so obvious to me Stanton had figured her out (or was highly suspicious) during their last phone call. And then Zoey shows up? Coincidence? I think not. Personally, I think the Alchemists sent Zoey to spy on her big sister and report back to them.

Marcus Finch...hmm...i have a few ideas about what might be up with him, but they're so complicated I don't feel like writing them haha. I do think that he’s a good guy underneath all of the secrets he’s keeping. I’m sure there’s a reason we didn’t learn much about him in The Indigo Spell, and I’m sure Richelle will bring him back, which I'm actually looking forward to. I like his character and wish people were giving more of a chance. This book was just an introduction. I think he'll be a very deep and beloved character by the end of the series.

All in all, this book was my least favorite of the series so far. It was certainly very different from the previous two, and I can’t wait for The Fiery Heart, as it will hopefully explain some of the things that were left so open. Richelle has woven in some insanely complicated plots, but I trust her to get our favorite characters out alive and in one piece. Of course, it might take a while...
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Brittany Barratt OMG!!! totally makes sense can't wait till it comes out I WANT IT NOW AND WHY DOES IT HAVE 2 COME OUT NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's just not fair

Savannah I know! I'm slowly dying, haha.

Brittany Barratt i've been slowly dying since i found out when its coming out that hole day i kept sayin i want it 2 come out RIGHT NOW!!! i started annoy people cause it wasnt out

Savannah I know! And I finish books so quickly that I'm miserable and dying for the next one the day after they're out haha (:

Brittany Barratt i finish 'em really fast aswell then i wanna read the next 1 then the next 1 after that isnt out but i
want it 2 its sooo annoying

Savannah I hope we get some spoilers on this book soon. WHERE ARE THE SPOILERS? haha. (: Have you heard about the fourth book? it's called the Fiery Heart and it alternates view-points between Sydney and Adrian.

Brittany Barratt OMG cant wait for both books now...i need them right now to survive. that sounds cool casue i rly rly want Sydney and Adrian to be together it just has to happen or ill die... after all the books come out of course plus being in Adrians point would be cool cause you get to see how he thinks and stuff...

Tamara okay so i totally agree with you Savannah!! i mean come on that is so suspenceful! it would be so funny if Adrian had "the talk" with Marcus, about how Sydney is "his" and Marcus would be like "shes my sister!" then laughs, awkward silence. lol. love it! can't wait for the rest of the series to come out!

Brittany Barratt OMG that would be soooo funny if that actually happened and also really awkward. like really awkward but i'd crack up laughing and probably wouldnt stop till like an hour after and i would probably start crying cause i would be laughing soo hard

Tamara man i wouldn't be able to read the rest of the book for the next few hours after that happened!

Brittany Barratt i would literally run outside and yell everyone come read this it's hilarious!!! or go to the shops and say that but no one would well mostly likely

Savannah Hahaha, I bet if Marcus is her bro, Adrian and Sydney won't know, and Adrian will instruct Sydney to flirt with Marcus to get information about the Alchemists out of him. And I bet when Sydney does Marcus will be like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP THAT WHY WOULD I LIKE YOU" and Adrian and Sydney will just be really stunned, and Sydney will think she's just really bad at flirting lol.

Brittany Barratt yup but she actually is bad at it... and i think she knows it... which isn't a good thing maybe i dunno but yea and if that happened i'd just run out of my room and get a glass of water ( dont wanna waste coke or lemon lime & bitters) then take a sip and spit it out and crack up laughing or maybe ill get milk or maybe a milkshake. but i would do that.

Tamara wow i am so in love with Adrian right now! i can't believe they haven't even kissed! well besides that one at the end of the book! i can't believe they ended the book with Sydney rejecting Adrian! i'm going to die if i don't get the book when it comes out! love all the spoilers that are coming out!!!

Brittany Barratt i know right when i first read the first one i was like OMG! i LOVE Adrian then the second book made me love him more THEN the end happened n i was like screaming NO SYDNEY WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO HIM?!?!?!?! HE DOESNT DESERVE IT... but now i HAVE to read other books and other series to make me forget bout it for a while but then i just remember any way so it doesnt really help its just soooo annoying cause it HAS to come out next yr i mean y cant it come out like just before x-mas or something round then???

Tamara i know right if only they would hurry up and get it out its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!

Brittany Barratt its too late cause I've gone crazy a long time ago from it not being out (aka when i found out when it was coming out) OMG just come out already!!!!

Savannah I'm going crazy too. Let's all come up with a plan to get an early copy. Who cares about breaking the law . . .? (; ROADTRIP! I'm sure Penguin still has some of the early copies. (; haha jk.

Brittany Barratt Yea totally nothing is illegal about stealing a book from Penguin just cause you wanna have it totally nothing illegal bout that

Brittany Barratt YAY!!! almost coming out can't wait only 41 days til its out!!! OMG i might start having panic attacks cause its almost out!!! there is no word in the world to say how excited i am!!! :D

Brittany Barratt i got bored and started looking up teaser trailers on youtube and found this!!! OMG you have to watch it cause its the last scene of TGL just saying but you dont have to if you dont wanna... but u probably will

Nicole Angel I read the first chapter is available to read does anyone know where? I went to Amazon and I was kind of appalled at the new pricing the publishers are using for digital downloads. 10.99 for download and 12.99 for hardcover. I love digital books and rarely buy paper books anymore. They take up too much space and I end up with tons of books I read once and then get 25 cents at the used book store. A digital download is so cheap to make, it seems the price point should be very different between the two books. At 7.99 I was at my limit for a digital. So, now instead of buying I will wait for my library to carry it. I think the publishers would sell more at the 6-7.99 price point. I can wait I have lots of other books to read. I am disappointed that the publishers are now starting new books at 10-12 dollars for a digital download. Oh,well... see you soon Adrian!

Brittany Barratt OMG!!!! Its almost here like 3 days or something the first chapter is in the second book at the back ive read it its really interesting also i need to read it now then read it again and again and again i reckon its gonna be really good from what i can tell with the first chapter.

Brittany Barratt YAY!!! I have got it ive almost finished it :D

Savannah What'd you think?! I just finished it! :D

Savannah Just finished it! What'd you think?? :D

Brittany Barratt It was awesome glad shes with adrain defenly happy i like the little dragon sooo cute and joined custody of it? Smart

Tamara wow! ikr! i so thought Marcus was her long lost Brother.

Brittany Barratt Ik u thought that it was interesting though.

Savannah Britany, THAT DRAGON SCENE WAS AMAZING. I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard at a book in my life. "Maybe we can outrun it." "We can't just leave it for hikers to find!"
Tamara, while reading Richelle's version you felt Marcus was her brother? :O Or you were surprised by how his character behaved? I'm torn on that matter. He flirted with her (and every other woman he made eye-contact with lol), and brothers don't do that hahaha. Maybe he is and he just doesn't know it cause she actually is adopted somehow. Idk. He's something though, ahha. I didn't know what to make of him. O.O

Savannah I couldn't tell if he was being serious with the flirting though. I think he's just a sweeet-talker, and that's how he naturally talks to everyone haha.

Brittany Barratt Yup im speechless..well almost cant wait til the next one comes out!!!

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