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Labyrinths by Jorge Luis Borges
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Nov 29, 08

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Recommended to miaaa by: Ronny, Lamya
Read in November, 2008

My first encounter with Borges was amazing. I looked into this great author from the eyes of Luis Fernando Verissimo. He idolised Borges, immortalised him in Borges and the Eternal Orangutan. Now that I met him on my own, I was in a nervous state and thinking of what should I do?! It's like a good friend of mine who was dumbfounded, not even able to say a single word when her idol -Bre Redana- stood next to her and talked to her.

And so I stood at the main entrance to Borges's Labyrinths. Think about Harry Potter's fourth year in Hogwart and competed in the last task of the Triwizard Tournament, when he stood before the spinx answering the riddle. I experienced similar task. Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius was the riddle I have to answer it or I would never be able to enter the labyrinth. It confused me first as I prepared myself for the regular Latin authors I've read, the way I react towards Marquez or Allende. But that was not the way it is. So I prepared myself for something broader than that border I made up, and voila I was inside the labyrinth.

I turned left. I don't know when exactly I read that if you're in a labyrinth just go left. Surprisingly, Borges enquires that common procedure as well. I arrived in the espionage era when he paid a visit to the garden of Ts'ui Pên, a labyrinth of labyrinths, and witnessed one of the best espionage trick we might know ever. Everytime I turned left, I found different worlds in each labyrinths. The class clash in Babylon, the confusion occured when I was in Don Quixote's labyrinth -this probably more because I haven't read it, or how Borges reminds me to be careful of what I wish for in the Secret Miracle because sometimes the death is better than passing the days all alone as the physical universe came to halt for everybody but you.

Again I turned left, and I found further amazement of Borges's labyrinths. I met a hero of a nation who was sentenced to death because he's a traitor. The death sentence carried in a way those Hollywood high-budget conspiracy movies would have done so well. I entered the Library of Babel, where all men would wander in searching for the Man of the Book. Then I met Judas, according to Borges, Judas betrayal was not accidental. It was a preordained fact which has it's mysterious place in the economy of redemption.

I had a one-life-time experience wandering throughout Borges's labyrinth. His fictions are amazing, however I've found it's hard to attach myself to his essays. He talked about those authors and their works that alienated me from the discussion. His concept of infinite bothers me, the theory of why Achilles would never overtake the Tortoise although we're all aware that Achilles -do not even think about Brad Pitt in the Troy movie- probably one of the fastest man on our humankind history. Last but not least, I wonder what affliction Borges has with mirrors.


Versi Indonesia menyusul yah hehe

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Lamski Kikita i hate u!!

miaaa come on you know you love me :p what can I do lams, I have great friends here who let me read their books ;))

Roos First Chapter finished...wait-wait...
I want to take a deep breath....waiiiitttttt...

message 4: by gieb (new)

gieb ngomong opo tho..

miaaa jadi begini roos *mikir* setelah aku kelar baca satu paragraf aku harus ngulang lagi *mikir* kalo masih gak mudeng diulang lagi kalo udah mudeng lanjut paragraf berikutnya.

kelar baca tlon, uqbar, orbis tertius tadi malam jam 2 pagi sambil mikir mungkin harus baca sekali lagi

Roos Gue mah...stop dulu...kayaknya bacanya perlu bimbingan tuhan Gieb atau Mas Ronny nih...Gimana Mia???

Aku juga mikir nih...mau ku kunyah mentah-mentah kok sepertinya sayang yah....hehehehe.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

versi Indonesianya oleh Hasif Amini itu sudah sangat mencukupi buatku. mungkin mia kalo baca itu ga perlu mengulang2. tlon, uqbar, orbis tertius itu puncaknya Borges

Roos Duh...cukup buat Mas Ronny...perlu beberapa waktu buatku mikir nih.
Konsentrasi tingkat tinggi hehehehe....bentar Mas...pelan-pelan yah...masih tarik nafas nih...hehehehehe.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

oh iya, mikir sih pasti. tapi mikir soal jalan ceritanya/logikanya, bukan mikir apa maksudnya krn terjemahannya ga layak.

"Dua hal paling menjijikkan di dunia: persetubuhan dan cermin, krn sama2 melipatgandakan jumlah manusia"

keren kan? hehe

message 10: by Tyas (new)

Tyas Eike suka Borges.... :)

miaaa mia mo lanjut roos, karena magisnya terlampau besar untuk ditolak ya gak tyas-si-pecinta-borges? hihi

@mas ronny, mia juga terperangah pas konsep itu dia muntahkan, gile bener! menurut temanku lamya bukunya dia gila karena orangnya juga gila hehe tentunya dalam arti baik

message 12: by Tyas (new)

Tyas bener banget miaaaaaaaaa!!!

message 13: by Andri (new)

Andri mohon dimaklumi.. Borges nan hebat itu ternyata tidak terlampaui oleh gw.. Jd bisa dijelasin asiknya di mana sih si borges itu ? Kl aja gw berubah pikiran untuk minta kembali.. ;-)..

Agen minyak tanah

Lamski Kikita u shud make a list of the books and authors he listed, and we shud add them to the wishlist, get them, read them, and then read Labyrinths again together, and then we will officially be obsessive compulsive!

miaaa @andri, kalo fiksinya seru karena kita ditarik dari ruang nyaman kita memasuki wilayah dunia paralel yang dia ciptakan tapi kalau essay sama bos aku juga gak mudeng dia ngomong apa ahhahahahah makanya bintangnya cuma empat :D

@lamski, errr is that really necessary hehe if reading borges got me bleeded I wonder if I'll survive reading those authors he talked about lol and oh can I stay as a common reader? :p

message 16: by Andri (new)

Andri waah.. ribet juga ya... ;-)
gak ada jalan pintas gituh ?


message 14: by Lamya 17 hours, 7 min ago

u shud make a list of the books and authors he listed, and we shud add them to the wishlist, get them, read them, and then read Labyrinths again together

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

asiknya adalah dia menjelajah sesuatu yg rumit dg bahasa yg sederhana, bahasa kita, yang tidak dirumit2kan. berbeda jauh dg para penulis kita yg mengulas sesuatu yg sederhana dg bahasa yg bikin pusing 7 keliling.

dalam "Pierre Menard, pengarang Don Quixote" misalnya, dia mempertanyakan konsep kepenulisan dg menulis soal penulis bernama Pierre Menard yg hendak menulis ulang Don Quixote. Menulis ulang bukan dlm arti penafsiran baru atau struktur baru, tapi menulis ulang yg sama persis dg yg ditulis Cervantes.

dalam "Tlon, Uqbar" --terbaik dari dia menurutku--Borges menulis bgmn jika yang-fantasi mulai merambah ke dunia riil kita. ini bhkan bisa disebut "sains-fiksi" mungkin tapi sama sekali tanpa pistol laser dsb. Ia cuma menulis bgmn dlm suatu ensiklopedi Britanica ia mendapati entri ttg negara bernama Tlon atau Uqbar gitu yg ga pernah dia dapati lagi dlm ensiklopedi manapun juga. dg gaya esai dia menyelidiki kemungkinan2 mengapa ini bisa terjadi.

Sastra Borges memang sastra "otak", rangsangannya emang intelektual dan bukan sensual. dia ga akan bikin bulu kuduk meremang spt saat baca Vargas Llosa misalnya, tapi emang bisa jadi semacam drug buat melambungkan pikiran.

miaaa ohhh ya ampun itu toh maksudnya borges waktu ngomongin pierre menard the author of don quixote itu huwahahaha *beneran gak mudeng waktu itu* diskusi tentang karya borges kayanya perlu nih, temenku yg di india sekarang lagi ngebahas the hero and the traitor :D

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