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Jul 03, 2012

did not like it
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Revive has one of the most unique premises I’ve come across in YA, but fails to deliver since it seems to leave out the actual plot of the book in the flap that so deceivingly made me think this was a good book.

In modern times, there is a secret government project that has made an experimental drug known as Revive, which can revive people back to life. Daisy is one of many test subjects, who all died in a bus crash one day and have since then been relocated, given new last names, and given Revive every time they die. They also live with new people, in Daisy’s case Mason and Cassie, who are her legal guardians that are agents for the project. After Daisy dies for the fifth time (somebody’s a klutz), they’re relocated to Omaha, Nebraska, where she meets Audrey and Matt McKean, and makes friends outside of the test subjects for the first time in her life.

Some people were disappointed because they thought it was a dystopian novel, but it turned out to be a modern day science fiction.

Others, like me, are disappointed because this isn’t science fiction like we were told it was by the people who thought it was dystopian, but because it’s a contemporary romance masquerading behind a flimsy science fiction façade.

The romance isn’t even very good, it comes up out of nowhere, you know it’s going to happen, there’s nothing between the two, Daisy’s reasons for falling in love with them are nonexistent, and it took up far too much of the book.

The whole book was far too mundane for my tastes. Hanging out with her best friend and the friend’s brother (i.e. the love interest), school, visiting other people, hanging out with more friends, doing more ordinary things, and mentioning of science-y things.

Do you know what a huge flaw in this book is? WE DON’T KNOW HOW THE HECK PEOPLE MADE REVIVE. So you expect me to believe that people just randomly found out a drug that you inject somebody with a syringe with, but you’re not going to tell us how this amazing discovery was made. Okay, I’m not going along with that. I’m sorry, but if you’re trying to be a science fiction book with contemporary elements (or be a contemporary novel with science elements in the background compared to the romance like this book), you need to explain the science elements. And if you can’t even give us a stupid, random reason at all, then the author should not be writing science fiction.

I did not find one character in this book relatable or just likeable. There very flat, I didn’t connect with them, didn’t sympathize with them, and they’re not going to be people that I’ll be thinking about months from now. The love interest felt flat, and of course he was uber-hot. Audrey should be the one we really sympathize with the most, since you find out some big secret about her health, but I didn’t. Daisy was whiny, she was far more concerned with friends and boys to advance the plot in any significant way other than finding stuff by chance, and oh my God, how many times can you get freakin’ stung by bees?! You’re deathly allergic to them, so why don’t you ever learn to be more careful?!

I’m not an expert on CPR, but I know for a fact the chances of you being brought back to life with CPR after being dead for twelve minutes is virtually impossible. So don’t you dare try and pull that on me, I know for a fact that she should’ve been brain dead by the time you “saved” her. So the climax of this stupid book is just not only virtually medically impossible, but it’s very convenient for Daisy and it comes too easy.

Maybe I was just expecting far too much from this book, but I think it’s the fact that the marketing team was trying to make it look either far better or far different from what it really was: some starry-eyed teen romance with random sci-fi elements to try and hook readers (but only a reader who doesn’t care how the heck it’s possible, just that it’s there).
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