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Origins by Jessica L. Padilla
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Jul 03, 2012

it was amazing
Read in July, 2012

When I heard about this book, my first thought was 'another vampire story'. But this is not the case. Jessa succeeded to step back from the typical vampire concept (view spoiler) and created a whole new world. And o boy what a world that Black world is!

Adelin is for me the typical girl next door and that made it easy to relate with her. She doesn't really stand out but there is just something about her (view spoiler). What I particularly liked is that Adelin isn't the usual whiny girl that needs to be rescued. She is strong and independent. One day she discovers that she isn't 'normal' like other people, that the mother she thought was dead is still alive, and that she has to make an impossible choice: staying human or becoming immortal. To make things even more complicated, this choice goes unavoidably together with choosing between the father who raised her and the mother she has never known.  Understandable, she is lost at first...

Then Adelin meets Vraiden Black (V)... A handsome, dark and dangerous immortal. While staying on Black Island and getting to know her long lost mother, Vraiden shows Adeline how the world of immortals looks like. There is immediate chemistry between those two, and we can't really blame Adelin for that. My feelings for V were a roller coaster through the book. I really liked him at first, I mean how can one not? He is charming, witty and drop dead gorgeous. I even kept liking him after discovering he did some gruesome things in the past (view spoiler) I could forgive him that cause he sounds like he regrets those things and wants to change. But then there appears to be one more thing he has done and I just can't see pass that. And that has everything to do with his older brother, Lucien...

Luc is for me the 'underdog' in this story. And I caught myself starting to like him more and more while reading. He made me smile and laughing out loud more than once with his smart-ass comments and witty retorts (view spoiler). In the end I liked his character most of all the characters in the book and yeah it's obvious I want more from him in the sequel. In most books you have the typical good and bad guy. Although Vraiden is portrayed as the badass one, I don't think of Luc as the 'good' one. He has a dry sense of humor, is rude, funny in sarcastic way and sadly ... damaged. He lost the love of his life and that left noticeable scars. He did something unimaginable that he will regret the rest of his life, but it gives him an extra edge. At first he doesn't understand the relationship between V and Adelin and the fact that his brother is capable to love someone. After a while he realizes that V wants to make a real effort to change and although Luc doesn't like his brother he does help out when it matters. He even brings his own life in danger while helping to protect Adelin and that makes him again more likeable. 

Important to mention is, that this is not just another love story or love triangle. Although it might sound like that, it is not the focus in this book. The choice Adelin has to make is central : staying human or becoming immortal. Cause lets be honest: How can you choose between your humanity -something you take for granted because you don't know anything else; or immortality -a dark hidden world full of bloodlust that both appeals and disgusts you ?

Although Vraiden and Luc don't like each other they need to work together to protect Adelin against the first - and therefore most powerful - immortal before the choice will be made for her. So yes, there is also action! And some pretty gruesome parts if you ask me. 

The book has a good pace, characters are believable and Jessa has such a beautiful way of writing and describing things. She managed to draw me completely in the story and I hope Jessa will finish the second book soon so I can go back to that Black World. Cause it is a world I really came to love!
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Jessica L Padilla
“How do we do this? Do I have to bite you?" I ask, squirming uncomfortably at the thought of doing so.

"Why, do you want to? If so, by all means go right ahead. I doubt I'd mind much," he laughs. "No, no biting. You watch too many movies.”
Jessica L Padilla, Origins

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A familiar scent snaps me back to reality and I sit up just as I hear footsteps approaching. “What do you want?” I hiss icily as Vraiden steps into view.

“Money. Good looks. Invincibility. Oh, wait, I already have all that,” he smirks as he sits beside me." 1 comment
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There is also something off about this man- a hint of something sinister lurking in his eyes. Automatically I take a step backwards to try and put some more distance between us which only makes his lips curl up cruelly.

“Close…” he says smoothly as he steps closer. “I’m his brother.”" 1 comment
58.0% "“Adelin, darling, it was a pleasure to meet you. If you ever get bored with my brother here let me know. I’m sure the two of us could have a lot of fun together….”

“I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you,” I reply with a sweet smile.

“I don’t date assholes.”

“I’ve got somewhere for you to put that mouth of yours, Sweetheart.” Luc says with a lewd grin. “I promise you’ll like it.”"
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“I wasn’t crying about it and, by the way, you owe me a massage for that. My back still aches. So, I’ll be collecting on that in the near future,” he remarks with a wink. “And, I prefer nude massages.”"
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message 1: by Glamdring (new) - added it

Glamdring Great review, Melissa!
Please, tell me that the end of the book is not a cliff hanger.

message 2: by Mitch (new)

Mitch Ok, it's not. (I'm lying :( )

Melissa Glamdring wrote: "Great review, Melissa!
Please, tell me that the end of the book is not a cliff hanger."

Thank you :)
And yeah it does end with a cliffhanger :/ BUT don't let that keep u from reading the book!

Alex (Lexie) I love your review MEL!!! And you said you don't do reviews!! HAH! Your review is much more (I know wrong construction of sentence but well... whatever. :P ) great than mine!!

and Glamdring, it is a cliff hanger. :P

message 5: by Glamdring (new) - added it

Glamdring Thank you guys!

Melissa Glamdring wrote: "Thank you guys!"

Let us know if u liked it ;)

Deniz fab review, mel.
if you would state that V is mine, my world would be complete ;)

message 8: by Glamdring (new) - added it

Glamdring Melissa wrote: "Glamdring wrote: "Thank you guys!"

Let us know if u liked it ;)"

Ok ;)

Dani Denizyildiz wrote: "fab review, mel.
if you would state that V is mine, my world would be complete ;)"

GIRL shut up about it! stop looking for allies.

Deniz MissKing wrote: "GIRL shut up about it! stop looking for allies."

feeling insecure much?

message 11: by Dani (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dani not at all

Melissa Why are u guys hijacking my review?!! Damnit!!! >:(

message 13: by Dani (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dani look who's talking.

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