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UnGuarded by Ashley Robertson
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Jul 10, 12

really liked it
Read from July 08 to 10, 2012

UnGuarded was a book so fantastically different from any other that I've read. Seriously. I am floored by how much originality this book contains.

Who ever heard of coming at a love story, half-way through? I certainly haven't. Who would've thought that it'd work?! OHMYGOODESNESS, does it work!

From the moment I read the first page of UnGuarded I was in it. There was no stopping me. Not my kids. Not my husband. Nada. I couldn't wait to get "just one more page" (YEAH RIGHT!) in before I had to put it down.

Selene is so extremely awesome. The poor thing seemed to be in a state of perpetual guilt-ridden angst, but she always had the best of intentions. Well, most of the time. SOME of her actions, I may have considered, uh, "questionable", but wouldn't you act questionably for YOUR love, too? Even if you WERE a guardian angel?

What is most important, is that Selene was willing to give up ANYTHING for her vampire love, Cole.

When we start the story, Cole is already knee-deep in trouble. He got kidnapped. Now, Selene has to save him. Trouble is, she's got a job to do. A very important job. But, well, she doesn't let that stop her.

This is what I mean, though. At first, all we get are little flashbacks of Selene and Cole--as Cole is otherise "engaged". But, it doesn't matter! The flashbacks are enough to make the reader squirm in anticipation for a reunion between these two. From the very beginning Ms. Robertson is in no way lacking at her job of getting the reader to understand Selene's love for Cole or even Cole's love for Selene.

Although, saving Cole doesn't come easy. Selene DOES get help, however, in the form of ANOTHER (HOT) vampire, Luke. Seriously, what does this girl need with ANOTHER hot vampire?! Lucky, girl.

SO, there is a bit of a triangle. A bit of some of that misunderstanding-who-do-I-love business. Let me be clear, however. UnGuarded was never boring. It was never cliché. All I could think of was how in the WORLD would everything get turned around? How would Selene POSSIBLY get her happy ending.

Well, you need to read it to figure that out. It is So. Beyond. Worth it.

Christy @ Captivated Reading
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