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Forgive Me, Alex by Lane Diamond
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Jul 02, 2012

I just read Forgive Me, Alex by Lane Diamond, and against all odds, I was totally hooked. This novel is classed as a literary thriller. While I love lit fic, I tend to hate thrillers... well, thrillers in the film format. I don’t care how hyped a movie is, I just cannot get into a formulaic plot where you know the good guy will win at the last minute. No, high budget explosions and death-defying stunts don’t keep me from noticing a paper thin plot. Sorry!

So imagine my surprise when I found myself glued to Forgive Me, Alex. I couldn’t turn those e-ink pages fast enough. I had to know if the devil would be brought to justice, if Diana would be okay, if my suspicion about the latest rash of killings was dead on (love me an obvious pun).

Well, this seeming dichotomy proves what I’ve known all along: that books are just a million times better than movies. Is this novel formulaic? Ahh, heck no! Would I have been able to get into Forgive Me, Alex on the silver screen? Sadly, I may never have given it the chance. I’m grateful that I broke away from my comfort zone and discovered an awesome new book—even though it gave me horrible nightmares.

The nightmares, okay. Despite the fact that I just had a schmancy new security system installed, which guards all my doors and windows and gives me a nice panic button right next to my bed, I was utterly convinced someone was trying to break into my house the night after I started reading Forgive Me, Alex (and found myself about halfway through). I woke to every little sound and at several points had to double-check to make sure my limbs were safely tucked beneath my comforter. Because we all know such precautions keep us safe from monsters under the bed and serial killers lurking outside the door.

Luckily, I survived to write this review and can now whole-heartedly recommend this exciting novel to all of you lovely people. It’s rare for me to have such a visceral reaction to a book, and it’s even rarer for me to cry. In fact, I’ve only ever cried while reading two books—A Prayer for Owen Meany and Marley & Me. Now I have a hat trick, because I cried for dear sweet Alex.

I could rehash a blow-by-blow of the plot or delve into the compelling characterization, laud the unique story-telling format, or gush about how I just couldn’t put it down, but I trust you’ll take my eager recommendation and soon discover all this for yourself. I hope you enjoyed my first ever stream-of-consciousness review (inspired by my good friend at Naimeless).

DISCLAIMER: This book is touring with my company, Novel Publicity, so in the interest of being ethical, I cannot assign a star-rating to this book. Hopefully, my text review speaks volumes for how much I enjoyed this novel!
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