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Wrecked by Anna Davies
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Jul 03, 2012

it was ok
Read from July 02 to 03, 2012

I absolutely cringe when I write a review under 3 stars because I do not like to be negative. I hate it and it goes against my every nature. However I also feel obligated to be honest in reviews since it seems only fair. So as always, I will start with the positives and tactfully point out why I gave it 2 stars. This concept was great, very creative and should have been a breath of fresh air. I love the setting, a quaint little island town with lots fo folklore and legend. (This was appealing for me since I am a huge fan of legend and folklore. My own book is based on local folklore).
I do not mind insta-love,(those of you that hate it, do not read this book), however even this manner of insta-love was not believable to me. I was disappointed because I really expected to love this book and it left me wanting. I don't think she gave Miranda and Christian enough interaction, dialogue or even time together. Their scenes felt rushed and forced. In a great romance, I love the thrill I feel when that initial chemistry is ignited, the tingle I get for the first kiss, the excitment built from back and forth flirting, none of that was present here. I just couldn't feel anything between them and I tried super hard to.
The plot was a little simple and predictable but I could've lived with that, especially if the romance had been better.
I think it is rather unlikely and unbelievable that every person in town hates her, she has no sympathizers and she struggles with self loathing. The entire story was major depressing because of that. You spend a lot of time feeling sad.
And lastly, I like my stories with a happy ending, I hate a sad ending, especially to a love story when the book is supposed to primarily be a love story. This story did not have a happy ending, I hated the ending. I was like what???? What was the whole freaking point then? **BUT** having said that, I think it only fair to point out that this is a personal preference and I think every writer should stick to what they feel is right for their story. Kudos to her for having the guts to end it the way she wanted to. It's her own creative work. So that doesn't necessarily make it a bad book, just not right for me.
All in all, I have read much worse. I didn't hate it. There were some ok parts. The writing was just ok, definitly room for improvement. It was alright, bit not great.
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