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What Happened to Hannah by Mary Kay McComas
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Jul 02, 12

I will tell you that I could not put this book down. It took me a little over a day to fly through it because I was so engrossed in the story. I have to say that I was afraid I wouldn't like Hannah's character- a lot of times when you read books with similar story lines, the main character comes off basically as a bitch. Not to be crude, but that's how they come off. Mary Kay McComas did Hannah's character so well and made her someone you really feel like you'd want to get to know. She isn't over the top, she's realistic, she's methodical, and she is genuinely scared of what would happen to her and her niece if people really knew about the night she ran away.

The ending- I did not see coming. I had an inkling things weren't as Hannah remembers them, but the little twist Mary Kay puts in there blew me away. In a good way though, because I was worried that it would end in a boring, you-saw-it-coming way. Not the case in this book! I also really liked Grady. Raise your hand if you've read a romance novel with a police officer guy who comes off as over domineering and kind of a jerk? Yeah, we've all read those- but that is not how Grady is in this book. He comes off as a guy you'd like to date or even marry, just an all around good guy who just does his best with what he has.

After reading this book I am anxious for pay day to come so I can see what other works Mary Kay McComas has available because her writing style is fantastic and she writes a great a story. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a good read or even something for a book club. I can't imagine anyone not liking this book!
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