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Knee Deep by Jolene Perry
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Jul 02, 2012

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This book is actually an incredibly fast read at just under 200 pages. I flew through this baby while our town was in the process of flooding. I actually got through THREE books that day and you'll see those reviews coming up soon.

What I liked about this book is that I feel like it really captures the mind sight of a teenage girl. Ronnie is smart, driven, and she's in love. Coincidentally, this makes her an idiot. And all of you with a vagina know that when you were 17 you were an idiot and dated that loser boy that thinking about it now you cringe and praise baby Jeebus you saw the light and moved on. What alarms me is that for a girl who has parents who are seemingly really great and she's close with them, she tells them nothing. It's obvious that her teenage lover has become abusive and in the midst of it she's debating whether or not to have sex for the first time and as a wiser and older adult, I cringe because lord knows I've been there. That scares the crap out of me as a parent of two kids who will someday be at that age. I found myself yelling at the book when she would make decisions and her parents let her go off when they knew better. It's such a true to life story that you can relate to it even if you haven't had to handle situations like this yourself, you at least know someone who has.

I have read a few Sarah Dessen books and I would absolutely group this one with her books because it's written in the same voice, has similar topics, and could stand side by side on a shelf because they are equally good. So, if you're a fan of Sarah Dessen you will love this one!

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