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Pies & Prejudice by Heather Vogel Frederick
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Jul 05, 12

I think this one is the best out of all the MDBC books.It is the funniest out of all,with the most interesting plot.And unexpected twist in the form of Mrs.Bergson whom the MDBC and some of their families should thank for giving them the best holiday humanly possible.And the pairings!~SPOILER AHEAD~Jess and Darcy finally get together!Hip-hip hooray!!The scene where Darcy shows his feelings for Jess was lovely.Although Emma's relationship with Stewart was quite rocky this book,they made up and probably realised they were made for each other.And at the beginning of the story,when Emma reveals to him she is moving to England Stewart's reaction I found quite unexpected but entirely satisfactory.:))Megan finally found someone in the form of Simon Berkeley.He is sweet and endearing.But the best of all was Cassidy and Tristan!I sincerely hope the author brings their relationship further and does not leave her with Zach.Pride and Prejudice-the most amazing classic of all time-seems to suit Cassidy's predicament.How she must overcome her prejudice and he his pride and how they eventually basically became a pair.And Cassidy is as feisty as Elizabeth Bennet-of that there is no doubt.And Tristan is quite similar to Mr.Darcy-the quiet,handsome one the female misunderstands.Please let them be together!PLEASE!~SPOILER OVER,I THINK~Annabelle "(S)Tinkerbelle" Fairfax.Serves her right for everything.That's all I can say.:))And one last thing-this book is definitely not one you'd want to miss.

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