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Luminosity by Stephanie  Thomas
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Jul 02, 2012

really liked it
Read from October 25 to 27, 2012


Beatrice is one of the best Seers at the Institution. Seers live to serve and protect the Citizens from the Dreamcatchers. All visions are told immediately to the Keeper to be recorded and used to help detect any possible threats. Bea has begun having visions of everyone at the Institution being murdered. The Dreamcatchers are coming and the Keeper will do anything to protect the City. Other Seers start to have visions of a betrayal and Bea must hide the fact that the enemy has been visiting her dreams.

Bea lives a rather lonely life. Seers are taken away at birth as soon as their violet eyes and powers are noticed. They have no idea who their parents were and are raised inside the Institution, rarely even leaving to visit the City and Citizens they are protecting. Bea has a lot of pressure since her visions seem to be the clearest, almost as good as The Keepers. Bea is lucky enough to have her best friend Gabe. She doesn't want to lose him and she is noticing how handsome he is and that she is getting tingly around him. Gabe was an amazing and sweet best friend. Completely there for her to listen, keep her secrets, support her, and you could tell he loved her. He bought her a necklace and brings her treats even though extras such as those are rare to come by. Bea keeps him in the dark for some of the secrets trying to protect him but I thought she should have been honest. Gabe was upset Bea held back but he trusted her completely. He was adorable and wonderful and I loved him!

Then we have the enemy, Echo, who visits Bea in her dreams. I found his character almost completely pointless. He was so mysterious and evasive and I never felt like I got to know a single thing about him. When he enters her dreams all they do is walk to his city Aura. He says he is taking her to visit his home but they never get there. He says he has to save her and she has to save him but never explains anything else. I would have slapped him and demanded some answers! But Bea thinks he is his hot so she kisses him and kind of excuses it away by thinking it is just a dream anyway. I wasn't sure if maybe he was messing with her emotions. At times she thinks he might be but she feels safe with him which made no sense to me because he kept saying his people were coming and are going to kill her people, take her Citizens, and she would have to go with him. Not once did he try to work out another plan or offer to let her friends come with them or explain anything.

Bea hides these visions because once a Dreamcatcher is inside your head you are a danger. The Keeper decides to up security and training. Bea, Gabe, and all the Seers are forced into live action training sessions where instead of shocks they actually shoot each other and many Seers, some very young, die. Bea begins questioning these methods as I would think more of them should have! No one is really allowed to go against the Keeper and it is clear she is hiding things. Bea must figure it out and save the Seers and with Gabe by her side she feels strong but she knows Echo is coming and has no idea what she will do then. I really liked the world and drawn in by the conflict between these people. It was action packed, exciting, and also brutal and very emotional at times. We learned a little of the history of why they are at war with each other but I wished I had a little more info especially about Echo. The ending had a bit of a cliffhanger so it was a little disappointing for me. I am left with lots of questions and very upset at Bea! I need the next book and some answers!

"I just hope she's right. It would suck to lose you." I realize what I've just said and quickly blurt, "Let's go. We'll be late." Gabe doesn't move at first, at least I don't hear his footsteps behind me. When I peek over my shoulder, he just shades his head with a smirk and follower after. "It'd suck to lose you too, Bea."

"Gabe returns the squeeze, and in the next moment he leans forward, closes his eyes and presses his lips against mine in a fierce kiss. I'm paralyzed with the unknown, and instinct urges me to return the kiss, which I do, despite the fact that until this point, I've never once been kissed before. Not in real life."

"Want me to see if Mae can come up? You girls can talk about something girly. Like about how handsome I am."

*I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review*
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