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At All Costs by David Weber
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Oct 25, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: sciencefiction

okay honestly what the fuck. she's doing her commanding officer???? Oh let me do something shocking and suprising that will get the readers interested again yeahhhh!!! come on man what were you thinking really. let me guess writers block? getting tired of the series? needed your character to get some new devolpment bloody waste of my time.
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Elecampane That really irked me, too. They spent an ENTIRE BOOK proving to the entire world that they weren't violating regs and sleeping together... and then they sleep together, get Honor magically pregnant, decide in the face of all reason to keep the baby, and get poly-married with Emily's magical consent.

Sorry, I thought I was reading military sci-fi, but I must have picked up a Days Of Our Lives season summary by mistake!

Everything works out magically perfect for Honor, in spite of phenomenal screw-ups and the apparent failure of every ounce of logic she and Hamish possess (was it just me, or did that all sound suspiciously like Your God The Author Does Not Approve Of Abortion?), but it all works out anyway, because at this point it seems Honor can do no wrong. Instead of bringing shame on the service and getting in trouble (like she did for her duel) for her 800-page campaign to prove she's innocent that's followed by a baby proving without doubt that she isn't, she becomes an Admiral, gets the man even though he's taken, and then gets a war so that her promotion isn't 'just' a title.

As you said: Yeeeeaaaaaah. I quit reading this book and this series.

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