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Fire the Sky by W. Michael Gear
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Jul 31, 14

Read in July, 2013

Fire the Sky (Contact: The Battle for America, #2)
By W. Michael Gear, Kathleen O'Neal Gear
"It amazes me reading stories by these authors, the research and information that they bring to life with dynamic characters, conflicts and changes in the North American world make history worth learning.
As you read this powerful story, you find that the technology, and war capacity of the Spanish was not why they gained such a foot hold in the new world, as they wandered throughout the country, destroying nations, killing people, capturing captives, and spreading disease all in the vain hope of wealth and gold. In many ways it seems to parallel the advents of the Romans conquering the Mediterranean area. It is interesting that the technology, discipline of the conquistadors over powers the technology and fighting techniques of Native American tribes. Like the Romans techniques exploited the Native tribes in Gaul, Spain, and England. Their Organization, and manipulation or people and politics made them unstoppable. I wonder if Native Americans took to heed warning would they have been able to expel the Conquistadors. Or if the conflict at home in Spain had distracted the colonizers would the world be a different place.

This story shows that it was the disease, infighting, and external tensions gave the Spanish and edge that in many ways was irrefutable. Those nations that would have only a few years earlier would have wiped the Spanish off the map, find that disease has weakened them, or that their political needs make it impossible for them to a mass their strength against them. The betrayal of White Rose and the people like her defeated Native tribes before the battle could begin. It seems a redundancy in history that it is the betrayals with in that cause the most conflict.

The Gears writing draws you into the story, Black Shell and Pearl hand serve as a dynamic combination that humanize the story of the struggles of the Native Americans, the reader is thrilled by the draw of the underdog. As you read the story you wish so much that the native tribes find a way or solution to expel the monster De Soto. You will find that love, commitment and understanding are the greatest of human traits. He found something not only to live for, fight for but to die for. Unfortunately in this story many beloved characters lose their fight, Blood thorn, Skipper, and even High Mikkos lose all they have in attempt to balance the Red and the White, Christianity and native Beliefs...

De Soto has learned a lesson from the previous story and comes protesting peace only to conquer, subjugate and destroy the societies he encounters. He struggles with power, and finds not what he was looking for but a fight even his superiority can't win.

It is understandable why the name of the book originally was fire the Mabila, the scene with in Mabila is a powerful realization that despite all their power and cunning De Soto can be overcome, and the nightmare has an end, but it would not be easy, quick, or maybe even survivable. "

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