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Blade Song by J.C. Daniels
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Mar 14, 2013

really liked it
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Read in August, 2012 , read count: 2

When I started reading it I was sure it was some new author (I love reading books by new authors, It gets me shivers :D The possibilities..!) so I felt kinda deceived... but well, its not like I hate Shiloh Walker I just never before found any of her work worth reading. (I do like to read erotic fiction and some trashy novels just for the fun of it, but... even in that direction nothing of Mrs. Walker interested me). Nevermind.

The book is awesome. Great. Funny. Entertaining. No "I-love-you-so-please-fuck-me" on the first page. I know when the book is going to become great when the main couple doesn't end up in bed at first occasion. I love to see how they snarl at each other, fight and all but promise retribution when the work is done. Of course we know how it will end but in the meantime you can so sweetly enjoy yourself its almost naughty... Hmmm. Yeah.

Add to that humor and some shit-like memories of the heroine(because of course one of them if not both HAVE to be in some way "branded by pain and suffering" - ok, I'm overreacting, its not that irritating in Blood Song but you get the drift) and a good deal of side characters and... Voilà! An amazing book is born.

Why its so hard for other authors to write a good book? There is just some PATTERNS the should avoid and then they can do anything. Ok. I'm rambling and not being nice. Again. Sorry.


My sword arm is mighty.
I will not falter.
I will not fail.
My aim is true.
My heart is strong.
I’m the descendant of some legendary badasses and I’ll damn well make myself wake up—

Oh, shiny… “Your down payment.” Then he smiled. “And don’t worry…I’ll take care of my own meals and such.” “Wait a second, I never said I was taking the damn job.” I continued to stare at the money. Damn, it was enough to set me up for a while. And then some. Abruptly, his words got through to me and I shifted my focus back to his face. “What do you mean, you take care of your own meals?” “I’m part of the package, kitten. Your bodyguard, babysitter and tattle-tale, all rolled into one.” Flashing his teeth at me, he added, “Aren’t you pleased?” Hell. No.

One thing was certain. He was enough of an ass that my long-dormant libido had settled back into complacency. Hell, he might be on the same level of dangerous as Jude, but he was a few steps higher on the asshole meter. Kind of pathetic. I hadn’t thought anybody could outpace the vampire, but this guy had managed to do it in a day. Now that takes talent.

“What you looking for?” “A sudden, blinding flash of insight,” I muttered.

I calculated two minutes before the dogs burst into the clearing. They paused, sniffing at the tree and tipping back their heads to howl like the devil. Shoo, I thought, glaring down at them.

I stood in the bathroom, staring at the shower. I needed to get in there and get clean. I couldn’t even manage to let go of the blanket wrapped around me, though. I am aneira. My heart is strong. My aim is true. And I’m now scared of water.

Something rustled in the grass and I grimaced as I caught the long body of a gator coming out of the water. Its black eyes stared at me and then moved away, headed off in another direction. Good gator. No food here. None at all.

***and a sneak peek into the second book (u can read it, no spoilers)***

"One…you’re on neutral ground. Drake’s is very, very neutral and you attacked me for no reason. Two…I’m not human." I smiled at him. "My dad was…but my mother wasn’t." I could feel that heat spreading over me now and despite the insanity of the situation, my body was ready to jump up and down, all but giddy with pleasure. Damon was just a few feet away. I couldn’t hear him, I hadn’t seen him, but I could feel him. "Since my mom wasn’t human, that means under the ANH charter, I’m not recognized as such." I continued to watch the nerves bleeding into the man’s eyes. "Never mind the fact that if you hunt humans on neutral ground in East Orlando, you’re fucked. We hunt your kind down and eat you for breakfast here." "I want the fucking alpha," he snarled. "Where’s the Lady?" I laughed. "Oh, that’s funny. You’re a fucking rat and you want to throw yourself on the mercy of the cat’s alpha?" "There’s no pack here! We have to align with somebody and you can’t deny me that right. That’s in the fucking charter," he said and then he whimpered as I twisted my blade. "Well, that brings us to the third problem…and really, it’s your biggest. If you’re smart, you’ll just move around until the silver in my sword shreds your heart," I said quietly. Damon took a step closer. "I want the fucking alpha!" "Kit. Introduce him to the third problem," Damon said, crouching down by me. "Sure." I twisted the blade again. "You sure you don’t want to just kill yourself, rat?"


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Stephanie Ok this is about the 3rd good review I´ve seen but I didn´t know the shiloh walker part. I´m intrigued now, guess I´ll have to read it this weekend

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