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Peregrin by A. Sparrow
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Jul 15, 12

Read in July, 2012

After the abrupt cliffhanger of Xenolith, I had high hopes for this book. It didn't meet them. Too many different plotlines which, while they did eventually converge into one, just seemed too haphazard and oddly strung together. You'd stay with one plotline for four chapters in a row, then zip back to a different one for one chapter, then off to a third for two, and then nothing on that one for another five. Add to that the vast assortment of increasingly simple editorial errors (such as saying the recently-deceased character was walking up the hill with another), and it felt like a once-promising train going entirely off the rails. Definitely glad I got this one for free, because I wouldn't consider it worth more than the paper it was printed on.


One other thing that continually nagged at me was an evident flaw in the setting. There are three key 'regions' of transport described - Our own Earth (or Ur), Gi, and Sesei. Gi and Sesei appear to be different countries or continents, but Ur seems to be its own planet. Through the whole book, it struck me as strange that a world with portals capable of not only international but interplanetary travel would only be connected to one other planet, let alone that this planet would have just happened to evolve humans, dogs, horses, mules, goats, oxen, etc. as we have. It is possible that this was not evolution but a founder effect when a few of each creature happened to stumble through these portals, but populating an entire planet with a few accidentals seems highly unlikely. And even if humans evolved and 'imported' the animals from Ur/Earth, why would they draw the line there and be so opposed to bringing over newer technology? Their own goes no farther than medieval standards, so at what point was the line drawn to mark cars and AK-47s illegal smuggling? The story has some very interesting concepts, but lacks expansion and refinement.

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