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Conspiracy by Lindsay Buroker
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Jul 25, 2012

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Read from July 23 to 25, 2012

I didn't love this fourth book of the series as much as the previous ones. It's not bad, but it has some issues.
Firstly, the editing isn't as good. I'm not sure whether that's because I bought it from Smashwords rather than Amazon, but I noticed three instances of "who's" where the author meant "whose", one "it's" instead of "its", "quaking" instead of "quacking" and one or two other errors. The earlier books were very clean.
There were also other errors of usage that many people make, but that a good editor would eliminate: "off of", "decimate" meaning "devastate", and "enormity" used to mean "enormousness".
Apart from that, the story lost my suspension of disbelief a little. [Mild spoilers in the rest of this paragraph.] First there's the convenient coincidence of stumbling on a weapons delivery during a training mission, and then the unlikely outcome of a fight against a numerically superior force of elite soldiers where the soldiers were trying to kill the heroes, but the heroes were trying not to kill the soldiers.
Coming close to the end, I realized that the story couldn't possibly wrap up in the space that was left, and indeed it doesn't, finishing on a cliffhanger.
There's some progression in the story. The author singles out one secondary character per book as a viewpoint character who gets to have some character development, and this was Akstyr's book. It was well enough done, but nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary. There's very little progression or development of Amaranthe, the main character, or her relationship with the assassin Sicarius.
All in all, I diagnose Middle Book Syndrome. Let's hope the series recovers its earlier excellence in the forthcoming fifth book.
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