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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
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Jul 02, 2012

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This book is smut, let's be clear about that. I've read harlequin novels with more literary content and better plot lines.

How can I list out all of it's transgressions?! This could be long.

1) Why do Ana and Christian, young hip 20 somethings, dress like they're 60?

2) Pretty sure James only wrote one draft of these books, and it's the one in print. How else could you shove the word "delicious" into a 350 page book 234972485049857 times?

3) Other words that are stupid and/or overused: Jeez, Oh My (I can't help reading it in George Takei's voice), bewitched (who says that in 2011???), Holy fill-in-the-expletive, to name a few.

4) Christian keeps calling her baby. In the bedroom. It comes off creepy, old, and douchy. Come on baby, give it to me. Feel me, baby. GROSS. Couldn't he have just said her name? This is an endless irritation for me.

4) The plot is unbelieveable, from her "curing" him from deviant tendancies, her, let's call it, responsiveness to him (who really orgasms THAT easy, THAT many times, in THAT short of a time, with him in a condom and no lube?!), that she feels electric current when they touch, it's just ridiculous. Just wait until the next book - that's a plot train wreck.

5) It has a very YA feel to it, likely to the juvenile writing, except it's totally rated XXX.

And yet, I can't stop reading it.

Perhaps it's the beautiful, rich, wounded boy that this young strong woman tames. Maybe it's just the smut that's so attractive. There are moments that are sweet and touching. Moments that are charming and witty. Some SUPER hot moments. Read these for that, and prepare yourself for some offensively bad writing.
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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Don't do it!!

Staci Hart oh girl, it's done!!

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Your review is spot on...

Staci Hart Haha Thanks! I wish I could put it down...but I can't! I'll have the second book finished today for sure. Glad for it to be over. Thinking the movie is going to be better than the books...

message 5: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Oh jeez. Just like everyone else, I hated it but had to read them all. That fascinates me. I'm thinking of writing a ridiculous book just like this and write another in tandem that talks about how ridiculous it is that everyone is reading it and publish it 6 mos after the first. Even the author recognizes how bad it is... so why didn't I just stop after the first one? Curiosity?

Staci Hart You know, I think what it is that drives these books is the subject matter. BDSM is not well known by most women I'd say. Ana's reaction to it all is relatable. Honestly, it's all that James has going for her. That and the classic tortured boy that needs saving. Women can be so predictable when it comes to our libido and ideals about romance! LOL. And the first book leaves you hanging on their separation. Then I'm guessing by the end of the 3rd it's going to be all about, well I read two am I really not going to finish the series??

message 7: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa So, it's the hot BDSM smut that is keeping you reading these books ;)?

Staci Hart idk how BDSM it really is, he holds back because she's freaked out. But it's definitely hot! Between the turn on and the whole "save the wounded boy" business, it was definitely entertaining!

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