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Everneath by Brodi Ashton
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Dec 29, 2013

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I had been putting off reading this book ever since I first saw it sitting on the shelf in Barnes and Noble. The cover was attractive and the synopsis intriguing but I was worried I was going to be stuck reading another crappy love triangle with a girl too stupid to realize the bad boy is really just a jerk. I was completely surprised how much I loved this book! Everneath was a lovely, heart wrenching paranormal love story.

Nikki Beckett has just woken up from a hundred years of sleep where she was attached to an immortal, Cole in what is known as the Everneath. The Everneath is a dimension between Earth and Hell where immortals , or Everlivings, feed on Forfeits, humans who willing agree to be sucked free of their emotions to add more years of life to the Everlivings. Nikki forgets her life before she entered the Everneath. She can’t remember how to feel, turning into nothing more than a husk once she is freed from Cole. The only thing Nikki can remember is the face of a brown-haired-boy.

Although a century has passed in the Everneath, only six months have passed on Earth and Nikki only has six months to say goodbye to her family before the Everneath claims her back forever. As Nikki attempts to live a normal life and fix what she can about the broken relationships with her father, brother, and Jack, the brown-haired-boy who had been her boyfriend before she disappeared, Cole returns to the Earth to find her. He is determined to have Nikki as his queen whether she likes it or not.

Everneath is a paranormal romance mixed based off the story of Hades and Persephone from Greek mythology with a bit of action. Most of the book follows Nikki’s journey to reestablish her relationship with Jack in the hopes of easing his pain from her disappearance and seeking redemption with her family. I was surprised by how beautiful Brodi Ashton was able to create such a heart wrenching and tragic tale I couldn’t help but root for! I wanted Nikki and Jack to find their way back to each other but at the same time I was also against it since Nikki had chosen to go with Cole. Readers, of course, discover what the reason was and at first glance it sounds like such a cliché and stupid reason. What I liked is the fact that both Nikki and Jack owned up to what happened and realize how stupid they both were.

Nikki starts off broken and hollow. She can’t remember how to laugh or cry or really care about people. She puts on a mask so she can find a way to give her father and her brother the peace they deserve before the Everneath claims her back. She goes through the motions of a normal everyday life but she’s dead on the inside. Little by little she awakens and thanks mostly to Jack, who is just as broken as her but has never stopped believing she would return to him.

Cole is ridiculously good looking, talented (he plays in a band), and powerful as one would expect an immortal villain to be. He is both an obstacle for Nikki and an enticement. She had shared a century with him and he knows her better than she does. Cole cares about power and has a secret scheme up his sleeve but Nikki can’t quite figure out what he wants.

The relationship between Nikki and Cole isn’t a love triangle between Jack, Nikki, and Cole but more of a tolerated relationship. Nikki has a bond with Cole because they shared a heart and he has this sort of vulnerability when it comes to Nikki. He trusts her. He has grown to care about her. It will be interesting to see what the author does between Cole, Nikki, and Jack because I’m sure Cole isn’t giving up!

Even though I saw the ending coming, I was still saddened by what happened. I definitely can’t wait to read the second installment to know what happens!!

There were a few things that did bother me though. Nikki’s father and brother aren’t really seen throughout the book that much. One would figure since she has returned after being gone for six months, there would be more scenes showcasing how fragile Nikki’s relationship with both of them is and how they are rebuilding. It also didn’t make any sense that Nikki’s father accepted her return home but didn’t investigate to make sure her story about being rehab was true or that the cops didn’t show up to question her. Nikki’s dad just makes her do drug testing, randomly, to check that she isn’t doing drugs (as everyone believed she was and still is). It was also annoying how often Nikki lamented over her choice to go with Cole instead of having fixed things with Jack. I also wanted to know more about Cole’s past and how he become an Immortal and more about the Royal family. I also wanted an explanation as to why the Forfeits get to return only for a six month period of time. Why not longer? Why do they have to return back to the Everneath and not be allowed to stay on Earth? I wanted more in depth explanations but I’m guessing that will come in the other two books.

I did feel a similarity from the Everneath Trilogy to the Juliet Immortal Trilogy by Stacy Jay but that didn’t stop me from loving the book. Both first books in both trilogies have laid a foundation for two really well written trilogies I look forward to continuing.

Everneath is fast paced and an easy read. The story is mainly character driven which was great and the dynamic between the various relationships are well written.

I do hope there is more action in the next two books of the trilogy and more depth to each of the characters.

Any fan of paranormal romance, who strictly loves romance, will thoroughly enjoy this book.

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