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Embrace by Jessica Shirvington
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When I first saw this book and read the synopsis I thought of every other cliche YA Paranormal/Fantasy book I've read that I've disliked. Yet for some inexplicable, masochistic reason I allowed myself to read the book, when I really should have taken one look at the title and put the book down and walk away before I wasted my time any further.

But no. I had to read the book and get myself all worked up. Where do I start?

Violet. Let me just say that she is so incredibly irritating. The way she bitches and moans about how Linc is such a liar and traitor yet she still has feelings for him makes me want to pull my hair out. She blew the thing WAYYYY out of proportion. Either make up with the guy like you know you want to or forget about him. Just shut up. And of course she has to go on a rant about how unbelievable and crazy everything is and she wishes she wasn't a part of the Grigori, and just wants to be normal and shit.

And of course she's 'special' even among the Grigori. She gets all 5 senses instead of just one or two. Of course. And how dumb is she that she can't even see what's right in front of her and see that Phoenix is fallen angel or w/e when all 5 senses are alerting her? Is she really that stupid?

Does the book even explain why Linc and Violet can't be together? 'Cause to be honest I didn't even get that far. Not even halfway before I ditched the book to save what was left of my sanity.
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