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Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper
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Oct 20, 08

it was amazing

I so enjoyed reading this while in Kenya. Beth Mixon, Sara's good friend who gave up her bed so I had a place to sleep, had this book on her shelf. Since it had been recommended to me by my son Ben and I have enjoyed Piper's work before I went for it. The chapter on "Risk is Right" was superb and reminded me that to risk it all for the kingdom pays BIG TIME. Not a bad return, given the current market crash. I am quite certain that when I think of risk I am thinking of different things than Ben. I was challanged as to what it means to risk at different stages of life. At my stage to risk means being humbled by "starting over" for example if God calls me back to clinical practice-after 10 years in research- stuff that seems daunting but wonderful too. Maybe to risk means saying "God do whatever it takes" to keep me close to you, knowing from past experience how much that might hurt, maybe for someone who is such a "doer" like me it means the discipline of "listening" to God and others. Maybe for me the biggest risk is to say to God you get to choose about my future, even when you know a part of my heart is planted in Africa and has been for a very long time. Maybe at a different life stage it means having another baby when the world seems in such lousy shape. Risk may be such different things at different life stages. It is a risk to stay home with children for women who struggled to become competent at a career, it is a risk to REALLY BE what GOD CALLS ME TO BE, whatever my age or life ;stage, because he does not call to mediocrity but to excellence. Being HIS head, and heart, and hands, so often does not look important. I remember well my diaper days, when faithful service was a risk of a positive attitude with mundane tasks, when risk was moving to stay married and hoping God would still show up in a forsaken desert. Now risk is looking different. But one thing has not changed, it is not comfortable. Risking always makes me suck in my breath, and ask myself, "Can I trust God with even this?" The advantage of age and grey hair (and yes you get it from your kids) is I can afirm, God always shows up and it is always worth the risk.
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message 1: by Josette (new)

Josette What a great review, Mary. And a good reminder of the different "risks" involved in walking w/ the Father. I guess, really, the risks are just perceived on our part, since we know that all will be well in the end because of the cross.

message 2: by Elizabeth (new) - added it

Elizabeth WOW. Loved this review.

Angie Vallejo Wonderful ... Reading the book now and can't wait to get to that chapter on risk! Thank you for sharing your heart!

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