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Assholes Finish First by Tucker Max
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Jun 28, 2012

really liked it
Read in June, 2012

This book was like cherries dipped in dark chocolate. Sinfully good.

Not for the easily offended. You can be mad at Tucker Max all you like for his numerous drunken sexcapades, and acting like he is the greatest human being to walk the earth since Jesus Christ, but really, he doesn't care.

The thing I like most about Tucker Max is that he is completely honest. Half of the men in the world are exactly like him. The only difference is he is brutally honest about it. It's almost like Tucker has perfected the Law of Attraction to get what he wants out of life.

That being said, things don't always turn out in his favor. If I could use the words "humble", and "Tucker Max" in the same sentence, it would be that Tucker Max is honest and humble enough to admit when he made a mistake, and he actually does learn from a lot of these mistakes.

Many say that Tucker Max objectifies women, and has little to no respect for them. Many feel as though he sees women purely as sexual play things. I would have to disagree with this statement. Tucker Max actually loves women. He has a weakness for women of all types. Women are the reason for everything this man does.

To tell the truth, I believe it's the women who sleep with him that are objectifying theirselves. If you contact a man, who is known worldwide for his promiscuous behavior, meet up with him, with full intention to have sex, that is your own fault. Do not try and blame it on him. Tucker is very straight forward in what he wants. He doesn't want to date you, meet your friends, take you on a romantic getaway, etc. He just wants to have sex with you, and you know that. So for all the Tucker Max haters out there, the girls know what they are getting into.

Everyone has a friend like Tucker in their life. I think that's what makes the book relatable. There are parts in the book where you get little glimpses of a different Tucker too. The Tucker that's actually a human being, who has real emotions and does regular stuff like walk his dog, and all that jazz. Underneath the never ending notches in his headboard, I think that he's actually a half decent, funny person.

This book gets a four star rating from me. It was funny and kept me entertained the whole way through. As I said earlier, everyone has a Tucker Max in their life, so he's relatable. His writing style is ok, and it was a little choppy in parts, but overall a great Candy read. I would recommend this book to any of my guy friends, and some of my open minded female friends. If you take things too seriously, and are easily offended, I will advise you to stay clear of anything Tucker Max writes.

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Kashii I was with you until you said tucker was humble. dont get me wrong hes a funny dude and his books are fun easy reads but humble is not a word I would use for tucker max honestly nor is arrogant. mostly hes just a smart dumb rich kid. smart enough to go for the easy target (ie loose low self esteem women insecure self concious nerdy types and pretentious people who lack the knowledge to back up their sanctimonious acts and beleifs that they actually dont understand) act a complete fool get off scott free and still more make money off of his entertaining yet idiotic escapades. hes no modern day hero or crusader hes just... lucky... thats it there is nothing more or less to him. how he presents on paper is how he his... and no im not just talking about the incidents he writes about but his writing style I. general reveals a lot about. him and his thought process.

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