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Foretold by Jana Oliver
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Aug 20, 2012

it was amazing
Read from July 21 to August 05, 2012

When I got the chance to not only read this book, but also join a tour for it by Dark Mind Book Tours I jumped at the chance. When my book arrived I was torn. Half of me wanted to read it and find out what was going to happen next and if Beck and Riley get their HEA, the other half didn't want to open the pages, if I didn't read it then the series wouldn't end, it would still be there for me to finish.

As you can tell from this review, I made the decision to start the book, and once I started I could not put it down. Foretold has everything the previous books has and more. Riley still kicks butts, Beck is still stubborn and demons are still hanging around.

Foretold begins with Riley, Simon and Beck during a mission to trap demons. The tension between this trio is obvious Simon still not happy with Riley, and Beck stubbornly refusing to acknowledge his feelings. Riley certainly does not have it easy, and when she is sent with Beck back to his home town, to keep her safe, his displeasure is obvious. I loved getting a glimpse into Beck's history and the secrets he has hid for all these years. Its hard on both Beck and Riley, Beck has to face his demons and Riley starts to see why Beck is the way he is and learns things about him that she never dreamed. A few new characters are introduced, some of them I liked instantly, Samantha being one of them, and a few I just thought were creepy pervs and just wanting to rile Beck up.

I want to say so much about Foretold and rave about how awesome this part was, or how amazing this other part was, but I cant say too much without giving away spoilers since the UK are lucky enough to have it before the USA. All I can say is Foretold isn't a great read, it's amazing and an amazing end to a great series. It doesn't just grip you, it drags hold with all it can and you willingly fall into it's pages and even when the last page is turned you don't want to let go, you just want to stay in this world for 'one page more' and hope that there is a secret in the next page, or the one after that.

Foretold is a MUST read for any fan of the series or of Jana and I have already started teasing my friends with 'I know what happens and you don't :P'

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