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Solstice Night by B.C. Sirrom
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Jul 12, 2012

really liked it
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Read on July 11, 2012 — I own a copy

An e-copy was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

In full disclosure I will say it has been awhile since I've read any type of vampire/werewolf book. Sure I have some favorite authors that I will always go back to when there is an addition to a series but in all honesty, I usually avoid these types of books these days. I feel that the craze is over and instead of retelling the same story over and over, please just move on. Also, B.C. Sirrom is a new author for me. When I was finally able to find a blurb describing the book, I decided that I would probably enjoy the story and I did. So I want to stress that I went into this with an open mind.

I read the book and I can say that I did like it. Was there anything different in regards to the vamps and werewolves as compared to other books? Not really though the cast of characters pretty much made up for that. The premise of the story was actually unique as well.

This starts with a quick prologue that was quite nice though I am having a difficult time understanding how that played into the story as a whole. That could simply be the fact that I was looking for something that was not there or that I missed it completely. It doesn't matter either way as the story played out well.

Dis is a vampire slave and has been for centuries. I immediately liked him. He's dark and brooding and the author did a good job describing his anger and his dark personality. He works as a bartender for his master, Michael, in a club that does much more than serve drinks and play music. Beo walks into the club and insists (to Dis) on meeting with Michael. Dis is instantly attracted to Beo but knows that she is so far out of his league. A beautiful woman would never show any interest in a slave. Once Beo is taken by Dis to see Michael is when the story begins. Beo is much more than a beautiful woman. She's not a vampire or a were but she is extremely powerful and she proves this during the meeting. Afterward, she frees Dis from his slavery which also adds another layer to her power. Dis destroys his former master (Michael) and as a result is made the vampire chief of Detroit whether he wants that title or not. Dis, even knowing that he is not worthy, is drawn to Beo and she is drawn to him. Their love story was written quite well. She is this "other" (which is explained much later in the book) and he is a former slave yet their relationship works. There are a few very touching scenes in regards to it. I have absolutely no complaint at all in regards to the love story aspect of this book... the one between Dis and Beo. I did, however, get confused in regards to other couples in the story. They were not the main characters so it did not detract from my feelings as a whole.

Dis and Beo team up with a unique cast of characters to try to stem the chaos which is sure to occur as a result of Dis becoming the chief. There are more vampires, a few humans, an interesting family of werewolves and my personal favorite, Kaph, a 4-year-old vampire. Kaph is not actually four, but he was when he was turned so he kept that personality. He is adorable. I am a sucker for books with kids in them and I absolutely fell in love with this child. From his silly, childlike antics to the way that he dressed. Throughout the story I was looking forward to seeing what he would do next.

I can't go into much more of this story without giving spoilers and I would prefer not to do that in this case.

The copy I received had some major editing issues. After speaking with the author I now know that the book was tweaked before actual publication so I am going to assume that these issues were resolved. Did it take away from the story? Not really though I did find myself having to go back a few times to reread certain sections. It did not take away from the story as a whole.

This was an enjoyable read. There are a few questions that were left unanswered but some are addressed in Chaos Children, a short follow-up story that I read immediately after finishing this one. As mentioned above, I got a tad confused in regards to certain relationships. At times I had to go back to try to figure out who was who and who was supposed to get together or who it looked like would get together, etc.

Overall, a good first novel. This was initially going to get 3.5 stars but I had to up it for Kaph alone.

A big thanks to the author for giving me the opportunity to read something I might not have otherwise. I enjoyed it.
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