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Untamed by P.C. Cast
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Oct 26, 08

bookshelves: paranormal, young-adult, 2008, signed-out
Recommended to Julie by: Shannon
Recommended for: vampire fans
Read in October, 2008, read count: 1

** spoiler alert ** Okay, I enjoyed this book like the others, but I had a couple of issues with it:

1. Yes, Zoey is beating herself up for falling for Loren's crap in book 3. Honestly, I don't really fault her for falling for it—anyone would be susceptible to flattery and romance, especially a teenage girl. What I do blame her for is not immediately distancing herself from Loren as soon as it became clear his intentions were inappropriate! I mean, he's a teacher, for one, but for Pete's sake, Zoey had a boyfriend! A boyfriend she was already semi-cheating on with Heath, though that was almost a compulsion and at least she'd been fairly up front with Erik that Something Was Going On in that department. But the Loren thing... she never seems to understand that her error wasn't in falling for the deceit, but in participating in the relationship AT ALL. I hated that all through book 3 she kept referring to Erik, Heath and Loren as her "three boyfriends." Auuugh.

Then she has the nerve, when finally talking to Erik about things, to act like he should be apologizing to her because he reacted without having the whole story (Loren's true reasons for seducing her, etc.).... yes, he reacted strongly, no, he probably shouldn't have basically called her a slut in front of all her friends, but.... YOU SLEPT WITH ERIK'S MENTOR, WHILE YOU WERE STILL SUPPOSEDLY DATING ERIK, NOT TO MENTION WHILE ALSO MESSING AROUND WITH YOUR PREVIOUS BOYFRIEND. I cannot honestly fault Erik for his behavior, jerky as it might have been. Erik has a lot to forgive, and sure I'm glad they seem to have resolved it enough to be talking and on the same side again, but Zoey just never seems to "get" what was wrong about the whole situation, and that really irked me. And then she goes and starts thinking Stark is her soul mate after talking to him for ten minutes. COME ON, ZOEY. You don't have to fall in lurrrrv/lust with every male who looks your direction, really. It's not necessary to the plot (well, it's possible a reason will be provided for the Stark think in book 5, but... still. Kinda ridiculous...).

2. I cannot believe I am saying this, but I almost think the ending would have been better if Stevie Rae had turned out to have more involvement in the Kalona resurrection than as target practice for Stark. I am weirded out that she said "he's taken my blood but not my life," and will be looking for a bit more of an explanation of that... plus with all the heavy hinting about Stevie Rae not being as back to normal as Zoey tries to pretend, I was sort of expecting her to ... I dunno. Be more evil.

Normally I'm really a happy ending kind of girl, so I'm not sure why I would WANT Stevie Rae to be evil... I like her and I'm glad she didn't die, but... it just seemed like the story would have been stronger that way. *shrug* Oh well, we'll see what book 5 has in store.
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Jade Ouimette I tottaly agree with absolutly everything you have to say and it was very helpful for a reminder of what happend so that i can know whats going on in book 5 thanks alot.

Julie Glad to be of help, and enjoy Hunted. :)

Jade Zex Thanks for the review!

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