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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
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Jun 28, 2012

did not like it
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Recommended for: adults only and with warning of content
Read in June, 2012

I got this over 12 months ago, got half way through and gave it up in disgust, I'm in no way prude and am known for being incredably open minded in all I read and in my general view of the world around me but this book disturbed me on a number of levels.
Why did I go back and give it another try? I was sick of people asking me if it was worth reading, I couldn't give a true answer without reading the whole book so begrudgingly I picked it up again and by the end, I again wished I hadn't.
The book itself is average in the way it has been written and with regards to the bdsm (from what I have looked at) appears to be well researched however it does not make it a pretty read, while not as graphic as I expected it was more the psychological side, Christian having complete control and instilling fear, intended or not, in my book equates to abuse, plain and simple and there is no justification for abuse, trying to make it right by putting it in the context of Dom/sub relationship does not make it right, it makes it even worse. My own research has shown time and again that it is the sub that has the most power, even the book states that ...

Pg 400 - "What I think you fail to realize is that in a Dom/sub relationship it is the sub who has all the power. That's you."

but even after Anastasia admits that he scares her, Christian uses this to his advantage. It is obvious from the word go that she is not into this lifestyle but he presses for it, all or nothing with no compromise although he is willing to negotiate limits.

Christian is cruel and uses his money to get what he wants, makes me wonder if no-one told him 'no' as a child and sometimes it is benefitial to do things some other way.

Anastasia is niave and pathetic, whiney and annoying, this isn't her sexual awakening, it's her having a schoolgirl crush and taking it to the extreme.

They hardly know each other yet he dictates the only way they can have a relationship is his way with a contract, that does not come across as realistic but more of him treating her like a sex toy from the word go,trust and knowledge is what makes it work but leading up to the start of the sexual relations none of this is shown, trust is a big deal with bdsm and you don't need to have experience to know it either, that is another reason why I consider what is happening in this story to be abuse, not a bdsm relationship.

At this moment I am unsure whether I will continue to the next 2 books, a big part of me wants to forget it and purge it from my memory but there is a little voice asking if the last book in the series see's Anastasia grow a back bone and wake up, assert herself and leave the controling freak, AKA Christian. If it does then perhaps it isn't so bad, gives a message that you can get out of this type of relationship, that there is another way. I also agree that there are people that enjoy this type of lifestyle, are consenting adults who know what they are doing but this is not shown so much in this book, Ana had no experiance prior to Christian and therefore, I feel unable to make an informed choice with no point of personal reference. Yes this is all make believe but literature can influence so many that an author must take responsibility for their work and how it will be perceived, this is the only reason I consider continuing with the trilogy.
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message 1: by Lisa (new) - rated it 1 star

Lisa Glad to see someone else out there didn't enjoy this either, I was starting to worry for everyone's sanity!

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