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Mystic Ink by Casey Wyatt
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Jun 27, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: own-as-an-ebook, paranormal-urban-fantasy
Read from June 29 to 30, 2012

I am not quite sure how this book came to my attention; it must have been if you liked this book then you may like this book recommendation on goodreads or amazon. I am so glad I took the recommendation; this was such a great book! This book was like the Percy Jackson series only for adults. There are all types of Gods and Goddesses, mythical creatures of all types and quests. It was fast paced and interesting, with curve balls thrown in to keep you guessing. The romance factor was high, but the actual sex scenes were low. If you like mythology, gods, and goddesses you’ll love this book.

I adored Nix, she was tough and stood on her own. She is not the type to just take orders and not question things, she is intelligent and wants to know why and make her own decisions. As the owner of Mystic Ink, she is also a guardian to the underworld, so when dead bodies start showing up in her alley she wants to know why. She is also a Destroyer, a keeper of peace if you will; she is one of the Elite forces that helps maintain peace within the immortal and human races. Between those two gigs and her day job of being a tattoo artist her days are full. If only she didn’t have Agent Calder looking over her shoulder, his presence pisses her off on principal, she doesn’t need a baby sitter, but underlying that is an overwhelming attraction to Cal. When his soul is stolen, Nix and Cal have to spend more time together and the more time they spend together the more confused she feels. She doesn’t understand why she knows things about him, she shouldn’t know. I truly enjoyed Nix she was such a great character.

Cal about breaks your heart, he’s been grieving for his lost relationship for a 100 years. For a 100 years he remembers that relationship past, but the girl doesn’t remember him. I can’t even imagine mourning a relationship for 100 years, so you know his love ran true. As an agent he has to push those feelings to the side and do everything he can to solve this case, because more than just his soul is on the line, but the fate of the world. He is a strong partner and an admirable man, despite the harsh conditions of how he grew up and being a son of Ares he remains true to himself and does the right thing. Being a son of Ares is no treat, its war all the time, his siblings would like nothing more to see him destroyed but he always perceivers against the odds. He has a backbone of steel but a heart of gold! You can’t not love Cal.

The one thing I would have wished for would have been more tattooing, but we can’t have everything. Lol I have no idea is this is going to be a series or not, from what I can tell from Goodreads it is a first for this author with no other scheduled publications at this time. However, I sincerely hope that this is a series that will continue as it was such a great find. Plus Nix has tons of sisters!
Rating: 4.5

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