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Cinder by Marissa Meyer
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Jun 28, 12

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Read from June 21 to 22, 2012 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Cinder takes place in the future, hundreds to a thousand years in a place called New Beijing. The main protagonist, Cinder, is a cyborg which is not the best thing to be in New Beijing. Because, no matter what human to machine ratio you are if you have mechanical prosthetic you are considered to be non-human. No different than an android. You're considered to be very near property. Which is how Cinder's stepmother sees her: as an unfeeling machine and almost a monster. Her older stepsister feels the same, but her younger stepsister is very kind to her and sees her as still human. Cinder does the cleaning, and fixes machines around the house, and works a small repair and parts booth to support her step family. A ball is set to be held and Cinder's stepmother and sisters are going. Her step mother says she cannot go. A plague breaks out and follows Cinder home. There is a cyborg draft instigated to find the cure. The Prince wants her to fix an android that holds valuable information. The Luner people who live on the moon threaten war against Earth unless the Prince agree to marry the evil Lunar Queen who is capable of mind control. Our Heroine has a lot on her plate and more is added to it as the story progresses. Cinder's life becomes complicated quickly when all she simply wants is to leave New Beijing and start a new life in Europe. Free of eyes that stare at her metal limbs and able to make her own choices and not be treated like she's just some machine.

There's a lot of re-tellings of famous fairy tales out there; Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty. The book 'Cinder' is Cinderella. Surprised? I didn't make the connection until I was about a third of the way through honestly. Not until Meyer mentions a car that looks like a rotten pumpkin. XD I didn't see it as a re-telling because it seemed to only have the bare minimum of 'Cinderella' in it. Like just a wink and a nudge. It feels very original to me. The plague, her relationship with the Prince, the moon people, what she does and how she is, heck her relationship with her younger stepsister is new. The book delves a great deal more in to the Lunar people and their part in the world, but that is such a key part of the story that I won't go into it.

I really like how 'Cinder' is written. It flows very, very easily. I bought the book and in less than two days it was done The way Meyer writes is really good and how she paces the story: She doesn't give out all the details and the details that she does relinquish leave you wanting more. Cinder really struggles through the story and just when you think she's got something good going for her- it's snatched away! I expect Meyer to do something and she does almost the exact opposite! Which I really liked, it kept me thinking 'Okay what is she gonna do now?' I enjoyed the book more because I didn't know what to expect. Well, I did expect a few things such as the ball and who a hidden princess was, but I didn't know HOW Meyers was going to lead to it. And that's what made it still enjoyable. Heck, even the ending was unexpected. Talk about your cliffhanger. But it was a delightfully different cliffhanger.

I really don't find anything wrong with the book other than with getting a better understanding of the emotions or how the characters say their lines. At some points I'm not sure how the characters are feeling.
The predicting a few things in the story may count against it, but the twists and turns of how it was going to happen made up for it.

This book is a teen romance novel, but it's one of the better ones that I've read. It's not full of angst and drama, or rather it has the angst and drama in the right amounts and in the right places. 'Cinder' is more adventure-romance based. The characters can be and are independent of the romance. They have their own lives and their own problems to deal with throughout the story. This book may appeal more to girls than guys, but Cinder is a very good lead character regardless of the gender of the reader. Like I said it's very adventure-romance with a good balance of the two. If you like adventure, you may like this. If you like teen romance, you may like this. If you like both, then you will like this.

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