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Sword And Scalpel by Lorry Lutz
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Jul 11, 12

Read from June 27 to July 12, 2012

This is the story, written by Lorry Lutz of Dr L.Foster, M.D, who is the Grandfather of my Nephew Brent Mudde's Wife, Helena Mudde-Fabiano who are both working in Angola.
Just received the book today,as a generous gift from Helena, and will be starting it soon.
I Read for several hours and it certainly is a Missionary story, as his parents were Missionaries in Africa, my heart broke for him and some of the other "MK.s" (missionary kid) being sent away from home to live in Collingwood Ontario. how difficult this must have been for families to actually be torn apart during the children's formative years
Completed the book last nite, it certainly is a story of adventure, spreading the gospel, saving souls etc, however what stands out was Dr. Fosters ability to do what he did, no task was too big for him, if he did not know he would learn about it. Dr, Foster was an action man, not sitting around waiting for others to do stuff, but always hands on this covered his missionary work, which included surgery, setting up other hospital, creating electricity be creating a dam which in turn created electricity, one wonders when he found the time to do so.
I may not agree with some of his philosophy of life, but I certainly respect him for who he was, the good he did for people in need. On top of all of this he was a Father, of a family memorizing scripture was certainly a "favorite past-time" but then we are talking about living in a culture which had little amenities.and I sense although his wife was a great support and Mother to the children I sense he was truly the head of the house, and everything had to be approved by him.
The books relates about the political turmoil of the day, and how it affected many countries in Africe
Very interesting to me is the part of the story about Sheila, who marries Ezekiel, Father does not approve her marrying a " Native" it would seem that saving the native's souls was high on Dr. Foster's priority list, however intermarriage simply was not a consideration at that time. They simply fell in love.....surrounded by family objections, they give each other two years and see if love has waned, well it did not, and finally they are given the approval to marry.. (those were the days when a families, especially a Father's approval was very important) here I learn about my niece by marriage to Brent Mudde Helena Mudde-Fabiano, what courageous parents she had and still has in her Mother, her Father Ezekiel passing on when she was only 4 years old. Helena is currently teaching in Angola while Brent is a pilot for MAF A very interesting story indeed
and thanks to Helena for having made a gift to me of the book.
I found this book a very interesting and good read.

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