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The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
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Dec 15, 13

Read in October, 2012

I thought this book was pretty good! ^_^

I like the first series better but this book was enjoyable to read. There were a lot of cute Percabeth moments and Rick Riordan's writing was hilarious as always.

But the ending... -____- That just about ruined my life.
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Kenneth Folsom But you have to remember that Jason is the son of Zeus ( Jupiter) who out ranks Poseidon ( Neptune) so there isn't a big advantage with the powers. But i agree Percabeth all the way :)

Tracy Haha lol ikr i cant wait i have spent days thinking of their renioun and know i cant wait any longer i am so pre-ordering tat book in September at barnes and nobles. AGAIN CANT WAIT

Kenneth Folsom I read am pre-ordering it too. What i don't like is as soon as i get it i am going to read it right away and then the dreaded though of having to wait another whole YEAR for the next book and Riordan can leave epic cliff hangers like he did with The Son of Neptune. GRRRRRR i can't wait for this book October is so far away when you have to wait.

message 4: by Tracy (last edited Jul 11, 2012 12:13AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tracy I Know right but i just started reading Jackson last year December and once i started i could't put it down. I did't read it before cuz i watched the movie first not knowing there was a book and i have to say that it wasn't tat good. Then right after i read the lost hero , the son of Neptune came out so i didn't have to wait at all, but know i have to wait a whole year before the next one GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrr. After i buy it im going to try to not read it but i doubt tats going to happen lol.

Kenneth Folsom I know how you feel, I started reading Jackson about the same time i loved them so much i read the whole series in a week and a half so i was sad when i finished them but then i heard of The Heros of Olympus and i was REALLY excitied. Did you know they're going to be 2 more books after the Mark of Athena and thats what makes waiting the worst :( but i thought about it... i am starting on that books as soon as i get it because the temptation is too great

Tracy Omg i had no idea thnxs i kinda of figured since he made Jackson a five sequel book. Hve u read his other series? the Egyptology one

Kenneth Folsom Your Welcome and i haven't read them but a friend that i practically made read The Percy Jackson series and The Heroes of Olympus is reading them and he said they are really good but i just don't have the time to read them. I am reading the inheritance cycle, the mortal instruments,ranger's apprentice and the i am number four series. Otherwise, i would read them and i trust his reviews he said they are really good so i am going to read them after i finish some of ther other series i am reading lol.

Jared Percy is actually more powerful then Jason(in fact the most powerful demigod alive that we know of) Says in this book.

Kenneth Folsom It's true...I.finished the book like on the second day it was out. I just couldn't stop reading.

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