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Baby Laughs by Jenny McCarthy
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jenny mccarthy has a baby & tells you all about it. in some ways, jenny mccarthy is kind of the perfect person to write about pregnancy & parenting because there are so many questionable body fluids & swellings & leakings & such forth involved, & you know she loves that stuff. jenny mccarthy never met an exploding diaper story she didn't love. but if that kind of thing doesn't exactly appeal to your sense of wit, most of the jokes are not going to land.

there's nothing negative about vaccinations here either (maybe there's a story about how she felt really bad having her son vaccinated because he cried a lot, but nothing about how he immediately contracted autism as a result), but the book is peppered with the world's most traumatizing illustrations. they're like erotic carnival mainway caricatures as drawn by a 12-year-old. i'm going to need like five years of therapy in order to heal from seeing them. they're so awful, they almost tip the book over into "gift book" territory (in my mind, a gift book is something you might pick up as a $2 remainder for your aunt phyllis's stocking stuffer), but because the writing was not quite as horrible as i expected, i won't tag it as such. that was a close call, jenny mccarthy. interview better illustrators next time. or, for the love of god, don't let there be a next time.
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Vanessa Yes because vaccinations cause autism. Dimwit.

Ciara wait, who's the dimwit? & why? i honestly can't tell if you think i'm saying vaccinations cause autism & am therefore a dimwit. or if you're thinking i'm saying that vaccinations don't cause autism, & therefore i'm a dimwit? or if you're aware that jenny mccarthy thinks vaccinations cause autism & so she's the dimwit? rereading my review, i realize it's a bit unclear, but i'm saying the fact that jenny does NOT share her idiotic vaccinations = autism belief in this book is a good thing.

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