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In Rides Trouble by Julie Ann Walker
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Sep 04, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: first-reads
Read on August 14, 2012

Several years ago Becky (Rebel) Reichert owned her own specialty Harley chopper shop in Chicago, her brother Bill knew someone who wanted a shop to use as a cover for his Special Ops team and they thought Becky’s shop was perfect. So they changed the name to Black Knights, Inc and started a business working for those that need special clandestine missions around the world.

Frank (Boss) Knight is the ex-SEAL running the operation, handling work from all over, with Becky as the main expert on the chopper business. Although Becky and Frank set off sparks between them, Frank will not pursue anything, thinking the age difference is too great and things would not work between them. Becky does not have anything to do with the Frank’s operation and is angry about always being left out. She does not want to be an operator but hates when they have meetings and conversations without her. So with Frank pushing her away and feeling left out, she tells Frank she is going on a month long vacation with her friend.

While Becky and her friend Eve are on their vacation sailing near the Seychelles, Somalia pirates board their catamaran and kidnap them. The pirates want money and believe the US will pay for the two women. So they contact Black Knight, Inc. who immediately make arrangements with the USS Patton to rescue the women. In the meantime, Becky and Eve have been with the pirates for a week when the pirate’s boss (Sharif) comes along. By this time Sharif knows that Becky is a mechanic and wants her to fix an engine on a British oil tanker that is stranded and the pirates want to take. This is where Frank and his men find Becky and Eve, working on the ship with Sharif watching over them. As Frank boards the oil tanker, Sharif escapes on the towed catamaran with a damaged arm with everyone wondering if this is the last time they see him.

Everyone returns to Chicago and back to living their lives while Frank and Becky settle into an uneasy truce, both not knowing how to act around each other. Things come to a head when Frank goes into surgery and a woman with a small child comes to visit him in the hospital and Becky must make some decisions. And to make matters worse, Sharif finds Becky and wants revenge. This book is a wonderful addition to the series, with misunderstandings, danger coming from their past encounter with the pirates and the tension escalating between Becky and Frank, the book keeps you interested until the end. I loved the relationships between all the different characters and enjoyed the romantic conflict between Frank and Becky. I am looking forward to the next story.

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