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City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane
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Jun 27, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2012

Update 7/19/12:
If it was even possible, I love Stacia Kane even more than before:


I cried again. I had no idea I was such a wuss. Friends, please don't judge me: I wasn't lying, I really don't like this torrid love affair kind of stuff and if the plot wasn't string enough on its own I wouldn't be reading this series. At least there is finally something definitive on the love front. I don't have to run out and get the next book to find out what happens next. I want to but since I've read three in two weeks and here are only five so far I think I need to pace myself.

But the plot does pace itself and is good. I didn't figure it out ahead of time or even really have a clue. I can think of only one creepy kind of loose end but not exactly. I don't like that she mixes drugs and that one drug can automatically cancel out another. I just find it hard to believe it works like that. The other big problem with this particular storyline is that in the middle there is a fabulous battle from which the heroine emerges with only a minor leg injury she dresses at home when in reality she would be dead. If not, the. She would be in ICU and on a ventilator for months.

As always, you just have to ignore the ridiculous premise. This time we are reminded that the church has gotten rid of racism, intolerance and xenophobia. Riiiggghht. Kane really gets how that would work. That's why in the book there are still slums, why Chess is looked down upon because she comes from a poor background, why all foster homes did horrible and evil things to her, why there are no minorities mentioned except the rival gang who are Chinese. One of them is a love interest but he really isn't. You can't trust him and he probably is evil. No black and whites here.

But aside from this base that pervades the series, the books are really good. As usual, here the pacing is perfect, the characters real, the situations thrilling and dangerous, and Chess really kicks butt. In fact, in this book more than the previous two, she does so not just with magic but physically with her fists and her knife and feet and elbows and so forth. Chess is love-sick but not simpering. Nor is she the smart-mouthed bitch who can't shut up to literally save her life that proliferate UF. She takes action but she gets scared. She's strong but she screams and thinks of running away.

I want to give it a five for an enjoyment. I feel I should take away a star or two for the lack of diversity other than gender. Right now I'm at a 4.5 so I'm rounding up. If I'm not still as obsessed with this three days from. Ow as I have been with all the others than I'll lower it. But somehow I doubt that will happen since I read the book basically in one sitting with only a couple of interruptions to drive someone someplace and I've already reread the scenes with Terrible in them. Another fictional character I'm in love with. There must be something really wrong with me.
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Stacia Kane
“You know I do, aye? Love you right, Chessiebomb.”
Stacia Kane, City of Ghosts

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Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews oh this book is just excellent! Right now, I'm reading Chasing Magic, and I am so thorn - should I read it really fast to know what's going to happen, or should I slowly enjoy it because it'll be a long time until the next book comes out?

Kelly H. (Maybedog) It is such a tough call. I just can't put it down so I force myself to read at a normal pace but generally in one sitting. My hold on this just came in so I'm off to the library in about 15 minutes to pick it up. I'm so excited! I am at the climax of my currant novel, too, so I'm going to force myself to enjoy and finish that first so I don't end up comparing to this one when as I would if I read this first. :)

Miriam there are no minorities mentioned except the rival gang who are Chinese.

Hmm. Do we know that, or do we just assume that all the other characters are white because they aren't described otherwise?

I kind of liked that that the Chinese gangsters have the best grammar.

I agree about the violence vs after effects -- I was definitely thinking after the slaughterhouse fire scene that it was ridiculous the way she bounced back.

Kelly H. (Maybedog) Miriam wrote: " there are no minorities mentioned except the rival gang who are Chinese.

Hmm. Do we know that, or do we just assume that all the other characters are white because they aren't described otherwise..."

Good point, Miriam. But I wish more were described, how about that? I still love this series and the author as a person. She is really cool.

Miriam I wish more were described, how about that?

Fair enough :)

I noticed that Chess' coworkers really don't get much description, do they? I feel like that's probably deliberate on Kane's part, as Chess doesn't seem to think much about them...

Kelly H. (Maybedog) That could be, although I feel we do get as much about them as they are in the story. I mean that the people who are in 80% of the story we know a lot more about. The people in the rest we know only some about, kind of thing.

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