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I don't know what it was about Alani, but she absolutely positively came across to me as one of the most submissive women I have seen of late. Toss in the fact that she is also a masochist and I honestly felt, please forgive me, that this girl would view a stay at Judgement as a pleasant vacation.

The oddest part to me was the fact that she had been working at Zones (terrible name for a BDSM club, IMHO) for two years and no one had figured her out. She was really just putting on a big charade - the pain didn't bother her so everything else was just an act because she wasn't making an emotional connection with anyone. I understand why she didn't but the other people around her must have really not been paying attention.

I think the relationship between Alani and Nathaniel can work but only if he is really serious about staying home - at least for a good while. I think they are going to need some major bonding time to achieve the relationship they both want and the only way that will work is lots of quality time together.

A couple of minor complaints - I hate when submissives are called "sub." Slave doesn't bother me, but to me a sub is a sandwich. And actually I didn't like the way Nathaniel spoke to her several times - I don't mind domineering but I don't like guys who talk like pimps.

Still, though, a nice story and always good to find a story where they aren't one or both beginners.
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~ Becs ~ Nice review - I loved this because Nathaniel as a dom really worked for me.

Michael Dunellen I loved the way he inserted himself into the scene at the beginning because the guy had no clue what was going on. And the way he made clear that he wanted to take her home after the class but that he wasn't forcing her or blackmailing her or anything - if she really didn't want to go, she didn't have to.

~ Becs ~ Yeah - he just had that certain something.

Are you looking forward to the new Cherise Sinclair? I read an excerpt and just can't wait.

Michael Dunellen I am but I still need to read the other Dark Haven books - so far I have only gotten to the Mountain Master titles.

~ Becs ~ There's only the 2 books, the other 2 are just novellas in anthologies.

Michael Dunellen http://www.goodreads.com/series/55662... - I still want to read the novellas in order although it probably doesn't matter

~ Becs ~ It does matter - reading out of series order brings on the apocalypse!

Stacia (the 2010 club) I laughed at how sub reminded you of a sandwich.

Michael Dunellen Stacia ~ mistress of mediocrity wrote: "I laughed at how sub reminded you of a sandwich."

Cherise does the same thing and it always annoys me.

No submissive would ever refer to their Master or Dom as "Dom." They would always use "Master" or "Sir." I think the titles matter in a scene - at least to me they do. I don't like when the submissives never say "Master" or "Sir" either because then it just becomes a regular conversation.

Outside of a scene saying something like "Alani is a sub" is fine, but I like a certain amount of decorum.

Michael Dunellen Becs wrote: "It does matter - reading out of series order brings on the apocalypse!"

It depends on how the characters work together. I am definitely glad I read Light Switch before Reconstructing Meredith because they were worked that way. I actually read Candace Blevins' novels 3 1 2 but there was very little crossover so it didn't matter. I liked when I read Beloved Vampire that I really didn't know anything about the earlier novels because I got to follow her experience in a way that would have been different if I had known more about Mason from the start - but that was a special case.

Poison No one ever called anyone "sub" at parties or anywhere I was ever at. I heard slut a lot, and slave.

It always takes me out of the moment when reading a book and I see it, too.

Michael Dunellen Poison wrote: "No one ever called anyone "sub" at parties or anywhere I was ever at. I heard slut a lot, and slave."

I don't really like "slut" either. I think John Norman made the point once that a free woman could choose to be a slut but a slave could not. Of course, I guess that works differently in consensual relationships.

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