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Invisible Monsters Remix by Chuck Palahniuk
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Jul 02, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: beach-reads, angsty-love-story, crime, coming-out, page-turner, family-drama, recommended, sex-drugs-rock-roll, revenge, speed-read, transgendered, sick-shit, witty, trashy
Read from June 27 to July 01, 2012

The Invisible Monsters Remix is another wild Chuck Palahniuk tale. As usual, he takes twisted to another level. Shannon MacFarland ends up in a rehab center following a gunshot wound to the face, which has left her horribly disfigured. While in the treatment center, she meets Brandy Alexander, a beyond-beautiful male-to-female transgender with enormous man hands. Post-release, Shannon ends up in some trouble, and Brandy is the one she seeks for help in her escape. The two end up on a road-trip, with their hostage, Seth (who Shannon is secretly poisoning with hormones). The three are part of the Brandy Alexander Witness Reincarnation Project, constantly revising their identities as they change locations.

Shannon, in her past life, was a drop-dead gorgeous model. Her best friend is the wealthy and self-absorbed Evie Cottrell. Shannon talks through life like she's still in front of the camera, with a photographer ordering pose directives at her: "Give me peace. Flash. Give me release. Flash" (37). She also is constantly apologizing for her behavior, to both God and her mother: "Sorry, God. Sorry, Mom." In fact, her parents are two of my favorite characters. Shannon's brother, their son, passed away from AIDS at a young age. After his death, her parents have thrown themselves into the gay rights movement. They are constantly disseminating detailed, sexual information about the sex lives of gay men. They are in fear of being marginalized as people who love homosexuals, and are always on the lookout for hate crimes. They share this information with Shannon, with the aim of protecting her. For Christmas, they purchase her nothing but condoms. The description of "felching" blew my mind (not an easy task when it comes to sex).

Side note about the text: Palahniuk states he wants this book to read like a magazine, where you have to flip back and forth from front to back to finish stories. He wants the reader to feel they've missed something. There are chapters that are printed with backward text and there are chapters that he does not direct you to read. It was incredibly irritating to me in the beginning, but because I'm a fan of Palahniuk, I stuck with it. By the end, it didn't bother me as much and I even began to enjoy it. Jump to it.

Favorite quotes:
"What only looks like bulimia is how bald eagles feed their young" (29)
"The television does makes me God. I can look in on anybody and every hour the lives change. Here in the real world, that's not always the case" (42)
"Your folks are like God because you want to know they're out there and you want them to approve of your life, still you only call them when you're in crisis and need something" (43-4)
"Your heart is my piñata" (198)
"There's room in God's heart for all His children. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered. Just because it's anal intercourse doesn't mean it's not love" (224)
"God should be able to wink that good. Like somebody taking your picture. Give me joy. Give me fun. Give me Love... Angels in heaven should blow kisses the way Brandy Alexander does and lights up the rest of my week" (270)
"Hysteria is impossible without an audience" (273)
"Your perception is all fucked up... All you can talk about is trash that's already happened... You can't base your life on the past or the present... You have to tell me about your future" (282)

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