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Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman
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Dec 26, 2009

really liked it
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Read in December, 2009

I really enjoyed this story. It's semi-related to Neil's "American Gods", but not much. This is more like a spin-off than a sequel, or even a companion. I enjoyed "American Gods" for a lot of reasons - it was kind of dark and mysterious and contained a lot of mythology. This book is much lighter, more fun and even jaunty.

I listened to this one, rather than read it, and had been using it as soothing background noise when I'd get a migraine, just letting it kind of wash over me and take my mind off of my head. More often than not I'd fall asleep, which was good. So anyway, not long ago, I drank a bit too much cheap wine and got a bit of a headache, and decided that rather than tormenting my eyes trying to read, I'd listen to this. The reader is good. Very good. At first, I thought that his voice was a little fast, just a bit hurried, but after a while I got used to his cadence and tone and accent, and had no trouble following along. It didn't take long for this, but if you're not used to the accent, it can take some adjustment.

The reader's vocal range is impressive. He does voices, which I usually really, really dislike, but in this book, because I'd not read it first and formed my own voices, I didn't hate it. At times though, it seemed like he forgot which accent and which "voice" he was supposed to be using, and that was a little distracting. There is a story-within-a-story aspect of the book, when Anansi's stories are being told, but as it was a different narration, it felt a little like Henry was just moving right along and then remembered which part he was actually reading. That's how it felt to me anyway.

That being said, I loved listening to his voice. My three favorite character voices were Charlie, Spider, and Grahame Coats. They were amusing voices, and very, very fitting for their characters. I can absolutely 100% guarantee that I would not have created these voices on my own had I read them, but if I ever read this in the future the voices Lenny Henry gave them will be the ones I hear.

There was quite a lot of humor in this story too, and at times I would find myself laughing out loud, or giggling to myself. I'm sure that I looked like a crazy person while I was listening to this on my headphones. Charlie is one of those characters who is funny without trying, and maybe because he's trying hard NOT to be. Whenever he would get angry, I'd find myself laughing, because he's just so endearing. He is something of a control freak, and so when things are out of his control, he's so out of his element that it makes him angry, and then he is hilarious. Poor guy. I feel bad for him, because it annoys me to no end when people laugh when I'm angry. Sorry Charlie. :)

Grahame Coats is hilarious too, in his uppity, cliche-happy mannerisms. He's a jerk, that's for sure, but I loved listening to the parts with him in it.

And Spider was just cooooool. Extremely self-centered and annoying at first, but I really grew to love him by the end.

I will have to pick up a copy of this book. It's definitely one that I will want to own. :)
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Kandice Is it sounding better this time? I really enjoyed the readers voice for this particular story. It

Becky Kandice wrote: "Is it sounding better this time? I really enjoyed the readers voice for this particular story. It"

I never really had a problem with his voice... I think I was just complaining because I was listening to it hoping for a calm voice to soothe my headache and he is not really calm, as he speaks kind of fast and then BOOMS a lot when he does certain voices.

The guys got quite a range!

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